Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In-Between Project - More Tying World

I'm still in the middle of guiding and Master Breeder. As June passes by, I'm shifting more into guiding, eventually full-time!!
As I announced several posts before, I'm getting into classic wet-fly and Atlantic Salmon flies. I just think it's natural when one pursues more fly-tying skills and knowledge. It's NOT because I think "I'm done with trout flies" or I have become exceptionally skillful recently. I think it's more like time, timing, and maturity. Even during this past winter, I had no strong intention on these stuffs. Anyway, this is my first ever trial of "full dressed" Atlantic Salmon fly.  I believe I have learned basic techniques and knowledge of materials.
I know there are more than handful of flaws in this tie. I don't post pictures of trout flies if I see any apparent mistakes, especially for those I claim to be my originals for sales. But this is different. It's my newly-found hobby that I'd like to share with like-minded tyers. I hope someday soon I will be good enough to present these in frames!!

Then again, even these full-dressed ones are originally meant for fishing = catching salmon and steelhead and being chewed by their sharp teeth. I have just learned legendary Danish tyer Poul Jorgensen's Stack Wing.  I can't find his homepage or websites dedicated for him. You have to research that. Stack Wing is meant for actual fishing so tying procedures and materials are a bit more relaxing than those of full-dressed........I admit I find more comfort in this than full-dressed ones as of now.............

Also I'd like to show you what I have learned from Poul Jorgensen's tying videos. He uses Velcros attached on his tying comb as dubbing brush and teaser. That's a clever idea!! So I have just customized mine too. I am using both "sticky" and "non-sticky" sides for different dubbing-brushing done-ness!! This  is used on the body dubbing of Stack Wing above. Apparently it can successfully be used on trout flies too!!

I will be back on fishing soon, even tomorrow!
Happy tying, everyone!

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