Friday, June 14, 2013

Minor Hatch & Insect - Important Trout Bug!

Yesterday I really had a really long day..........(Using "really" twice is very redundant, even annoying, but it was "really" so........). In between guiding and breeding cows, I went to Yellowstone National Park. For fishing? Yes.........only for the last two hours. Mostly I spent for observation, experiments, scouting, measuring driving distance & time, etc., etc............... this is the real life of hard-working fly-fishing guide, folks.

There are some things "different from average years" going on in YNP waters. As I have discussed, so do area fly-shops, Madison River drainage (Firehole, Gibbon, & Madison, and tributaries) are NOT having serious run-off this year. Consequently waters in those rivers/creek are lower & warmer water than average years. That's the main reason of my outing.

Yet, or should I say because of that, I have experienced one of the most unique hatch toward the end of the day. It was a reminisce of my past experience. It may be worth to bring back my past posts. Oh, I was young and my hair was long & full!!

At a certain section of Firehole River, A.K.A. Insect Factory, I first saw White Miller Caddis (nectopsyche) were hatching and trout were taking them. But also I observed Helicopsyche (click here & here) were hatching and some trout were really keying on!! It can be confused with Glossosoma due to similar size and dark coloration but trout know the difference, just as I was confused 3 years ago!!
Let's review about "Helico".

  • size 20 & 22
  • dark/gray wings with Amber-ish body
  • hatches certain sections of Firehole during warm periods
  • hatches En Masse
  • Up-stream cast is refused!!
  • consequently cause lots of frustration among anglers!!

I was well-prepared this time with 3 years of accumulated knowledge and experience!!........just kidding....... This is the X-Caddis for Helicopsyche!!

Even this size of trout was feeding very selectively!!?? Hooking this size & keeping my line tight are very technical as everyone knows!!

I actually caught some nice trout on both White Miller and Helico.
Next time when you plan to fish Firehole in June, better keep your eyes open for this tiny little bugs!!
I'll be back for experiment and observation next week. It's a hard-work but I know it's piling up in my brain as memories & knowledge and in my body as experience. Besides, now is the time I can freely fishing and driving around before guiding really kicks off!!

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