Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 7 PM: Muleshoe Bend - Last Effort & Happy End

In the evening of 28th, I went to Muleshoe Bend of Firehole three evenings in a row. It was a slight difference in nature but a huge encounter for anglers at Muleshoe Bend. Also, it was the end of my 7 consecutive Park entrance.

In this evening, Helicopsyche was dominant on the water and in the air. White Miller started flying toward the end of the day. Helico X Caddis was one and only my ticket.
Muleshoe Bend is probably the best and well-known spot in Firehole but also the most challenging. Winds typically come down from the mountains that cause for angler to cast and make dead-drift very difficult from the far bank. If anglers to try to cast from the near bank, trout seldom respond.......

I did move and caused lots of rises on my Helico X but only a few came to the camera.

Day was ending, I saw lots of trout rising on my Helico X caddis but I had to compete with naturals emerging en masse. It was very frustrating. Finally my nerve and hook-set held and a respectable 12-inch browny came out.............

Some of you might laugh at about catching a 12-incher with a dead effort...... But if you know Firehole habitat along with its complex hatch, this was a beauty.

All of three evenings were quite an experience to me. Matching the hatch and tying flies for that.

I really didn't catch anything big but the meadow section of Madison and Firehole kept me in shape and made me a better angler.

A very satisfying end...............

Now I'm looking forward to facing baetis hatch in the fall at both rivers!!

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