Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Gears & Gadgets from the Trip

As summer is settling in fully, my days in Yellowstone feel like way back when......... Along with plenty of memories and experience, I did bring some new gears and books. Of course, tying materials too. But that will be a near future post along with new flies.

My first buy was this Trout Bum net-release magnet at Blue Ribbon Flies as I checked into West Yellowstone. I had finally gotten tired of hanging a little reel with the net. It had been getting heavy on my back and squeaking. It also had been inconvenient by getting caught by brush and almost all firing back at me. But also, I was a bit skeptical about magnet types on the market. Prices vary. Some with a piece of rope, other without. My dilemma was solved by this new gizmo at once. Magnets are 5-lb resistance and the code is not as dangerous as a piece of elastic rope and a reel type. Stunningly it's only $15.

Another gear that I bought and started using right after was this Simms Dry Creek Tech Pouch. When I fish while my truck is in my vicinity, I really don't carry my valuables because they can be extra weights and I don't want to fall in with them. Also, most of places where I fish are safe but who knows and I may want to be with my ID if I happen to wash away. So when I have to carry my valuables, I have been using a sandwich bag either in my back-pack or wader-pocket. Now I feel more secure and care less with this Tech Pouch. I tighten the strap on my belt-position which is just below the wader-belt. When I wet wade, I can simply toss the content in the back pocket of my vest.

Blue Ribbon Flies is offering their 30-year anniversary gears. I picked up this double-sided fly box. I think I want to assemble my fly assortments and grouping. That will be quite a project during the summer.

I have several places that I always drop by in West Yellowstone other than fly shops. One of them is a hide shop, Yellowstone Trader. I can't afford a whole buff hide for my couch, instead I bought a little pillow. Now I'm taking a nap on buff!!

This fox hat has a taste of mountain man. This was a present for my brother.

Book Peddler is full of good books. I look for one or two about Mountain Man, Native Americans, Outlaws, Cowboy, that sort. This one I'm reading now is very good!!

As I dropped by Slide Inn, I met Kelly Galloup and bought his new DVD. I'm watching it over and over now to target aggressive trout in the fall. There are lots to learn and study but also, I will have plenty of time till fall. I recall I took this picture along with my lunch.........

Finishing up this post, I feel I'm ready to get back to my tying bench. Yet, first I have to list up what I want to tie and what needed.

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