Thursday, July 8, 2010

100th Post!! - Beer Give-Away!!??

I just noticed myself that I had posted 99 posts already. Thank you for dropping by.

To celebrate the 100th post, I decided to give away rare beer that I picked up in Missoula on my way home for anyone checking in my blog or knocking on my door until it's gone.........
Problem is they are cold in my fridge and it's getting hotter here in eastern WA so they can be gone any moment............


Sorry for this "April Fool" like post. I simply forgot to add this picture in my last post. I picked up another rare beer at a Conoco station in Missoula on my way home. Cold-Smoke from Kettlehouse is really a dark one and Dump-Truck, a seasonal ale, from Bayern is very unique.

Thank you for dropping by my blog. Some of my friends must have noticed that my emails are getting shorter because I'm putting all the stories here. I also thank some of you who happened to find my blog in the Blogspot community.

After all, Cheers!!!

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