Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nice Little Boxes

Another quick post from my bench.

Though I tie my own flies with my best, there always are certain patterns I simply can't copy. I buy those flies at the shops. Oftentimes I pick them up in boxes that are unique to each shop. They can be very useful and practical afterwards.

Dai-Riki hook boxes are very useful too. I don't throw them away after I use up 50 of them or transfer to my storage boxes.

I use these nice little boxes to keep feathers that have come off from pelts and skins accidentally. I also stuff them with flies of the day. Later on, I would secure "memorable flies" (that I want to paste on my picture frames) and separate "salvage flies" (that have been broken or crushed by trout yet hooks seem OK to salvage).

I press my lust to go fishing to Yellowstone this summer. Instead I have tied and am still tying lots of flies for summer fishing around here and for fall in Yellowstone. Also I am assembling my gears and fly-boxes............ Meanwhile I have to get out to little mountain streams in my area for Westslope Cutty. Too many things going on, that keep me busy, without actually going fishing....

There will be more posts..........

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