Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Unnamed Creek

Following morning was really cool at high in the mountain. I wished I brought a blanket or kept a winter coat in my truck. But once I was up, I was rested enough to start a day. I started to boil my "cowboy coffee".

I drove up to Ellensburg for another unnamed little creek to explore. It is surrounded by private properties but there are several accesses and it goes into National Forest eventually. I never expected to catch large fish but was willing to fish with dry-flies. My first choice was again Royal Wullf Cripple.

I was fishing for this kind of rainbow from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

In the afternoon, I tried a Mini Tiger Beetle.

A tiny one liked it!!

These are not stocked rainbows at all, I bet. Their coloration and spots are very gorgeous for their sizes. But I wanted some more colorful, either or both cutty or brookie..... As I went back to my truck, I finally met a nice little feisty cutty!!!

Regardless of the sizes, take a look the way Royal Wulff Cripple was torn down............(two on the left). I would try to salvage hooks and re-tie on them.

I decided to stop, though a bit too early, because my floatant and "deet" were out. So I treated myself after lots of hiking and wading in hot days....... The other kind of fuel bought at a gas station. I had to close my eyes at a pull-out for 30-minute as I was heading home though.......

I am planning several ideas to do during the summer around here in eastern WA. I really leave fishing in Yellowstone till the fall settles in. My ideas and information around here sound like to keep me busy for this August and September.
I will find more as times go by!!!


  1. love reading your blog articles, it's like i'm going on an outdoor adventure myself (though i'm actually locked in to a huge concrete jungle as of this minute)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my old post!!