Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PMD in Full-Swing & Summer Arrives

So, after I hang around my mentor/outfitter Montana's Master Angler and his kind clients, it was my turn. I guided a father-son duo again this year. Stage was again at DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com).
On Day 1, we got hit by another crazy unwanted weather. Yet we looked for PMD hatch and rising trout.

Day 2, FINALLY!! The rainy season was over!! It was quite a nice day which we'd been longing for the past few weeks!! Good start!!
Neil working at "The Bend".
PMD hatch was excellent!! Even phenomenal at one particular spot!!!

Evening rise........
Very strong browny!
Lots of Yellowstone Cutthroat are in the creek now. One particular individual knew how to pose for my camera. And the set of photos turned out to be fairly good!!
I'm sharing these photos because they do show us trout-world and their views.

Hope some of you find these interesting and practical.

It's a great time to reunite with repeating clients at our beloved creek!!

Life and guide-trips go on to next waters...............

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