Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 2 - Fall-Runners

During the late October at DePuy's Spring Creek (, as it has been so for the past few seasons, I have to make two posts on the same day to cover two different topics: match-the-hatch fishing and fall-run fishing. Both are what Creek is famous for and what anglers are expecting for. Now key-players are: Nymphs & Streamers. Same fly patters used for rivers can work, while there are some specific patterns developed for spring creeks.
Let's review how my fall-run fishing went in the Week 2!

One by one, big & aggressive brown trout is entering the creek. I was finally able to claim one at my regular spot!
Then, rainbows are following right behind.

Streamer Eater!
Something bright!!??
Another streamer-eater!
I played some with the new functions with my new camera!!
This one had such vivid red spots.
Another photo-shop!
A dramatic effect...........

I'm satisfied with my results. I haven't caught something Extra-Large yet. But someone has to do it once a year at least! This year, so far, it happened to my Outfitter and his long time client. And I happened to be near by. Sincerely, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!! 
 Just FYI, we measured 28-inch long...............
The Kype........
As much as I enjoy match-the-hatch fishing, I'd love to chase something big and memorable!!
There might be another one or two like this coming into creek. Who knows? Yet it could happen to YOU!......or me!


  1. Great looking fish , all of them. That last brown is spectacular though...gotta love those big kypes on the fall run browns!

    1. Yeah, although it wasn't my catch, I had a great pleasure who happened to be there and witnessed the "thing". Hope to get one on my own!