Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 2 - Midges

What a fall!! The second week with DePuy's Spring Creek ( Pass is yet another action & fan packed week. And I'm still fishing full-time. Key-factor is still MIDGES. Hatches have been constant and reliable (time & place) yet that does not mean fishing is easy!! It's always challenging to fish for tiny insects and trout that are delicately rising to them!! And that's why I never get bored!! Although I have taken many trout with dry-flies on the surface but mostly "Rise Above, Bite Below". It seems to be my new mantra!!
Followings are memorable catches from past several days. Not much explanations needed, I guess. Enjoy the gallery!!

Yellowstone Cutty in the fall color!
New fly was gladly taken by the first cast!!
Massive river-run Rainbow!!!
Browns also like my ideas!!
Observe and study!!
 I messed up the "selfie" but you see how thick it was.........

Observe & Study 2!!

This one caught me by surprise and delight!!
River-run brown!!
And the best pattern is..........
Actually the new color........
Another submarine!!
I feel I'm catching Cut-bow more than ever!!
New midge dry!

I don't mind fishing for midges as long as they last!! But also, I hope to see & report the same with Fall Baetis (Blue-Winged-Olive) soon!!

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