Thursday, October 2, 2014

YNP Dawn Traeder (Gotta be the last one) - West Side

West Yellowstone and waters in that side of Yellowstone Park have been my favorite. Especially in the fall. Since I settled in Livingston, it became a little far away to make a day-trip. Furthermore, once I became a regular at DePuy's Spring Creek ( with Winter Pass, it became hard for me to push myself drive long as great fishing is right here. It's been so for the last couple of years. So if I want to fish "West" in the fall, it had to be early October. I finally made a plan, set the date, and hit the road. It became the hardest (craziest for non-fishers) and definitely the last (for the season) "YNP Dawn Treader".

My first destination was "Oh-so-famous-glorious Hole" of Madison River, just inside of West entrance. I pulled in way before dawn. Following YNP Regulation, I waited for the dawn (no artificial lights are allowed while fishing). Yes, this Hole is great as long as.............. By just after 7AM, I was surrounded by people & cars!! You may wonder why a savvy angler like myself choose such a spot. There are plenty of other places and trout to fish but it's certainly some of the best sections to swing large soft-hackles and expect some results with large fall-run trout. That's the solo reason for me to fish there and to get there so early. But....... no more discussion about that.
Anyway, I stepped out the congested area. I walked away while my truck was still there. I like there anyway for my sanity and purpose. I started casting some line out and swinging large soft hackles. In a distance, I felt a tug but it didn't become a solid hook up. Another swing, and this time I saw a huge tail waving at me (literally!!). I did nail it!! Yet I felt too light......lost again.......then I felt something strong as I retrieved my line very close to me!! I guess this "submarine" charged toward me!! Real fight commenced!! It was quite heavy but finally fell in my net!!
YES it was on my COYOTE (no picture needed, right!?)!!!
Guessing from its shape and weight, I believe it was a fall-run rainbow from the lake below!
Mission accomplished!
My next destination was Firehole River. I had been hearing good reports with hatches and trout actions. White Miller (Nectopsyche) were hatching and trout were after them!!

This First & Feisty browny was actually before hatch while swinging generic soft-hackle.
As the hatch progressed, I switched into more specific patterns.
This is my best brown in the system so far, while fishing for hatches!!
More evidence.......

Here's White Miller X Caddis.
And my own Double Soft-Hackled Caddis - White Miller.

Then in the afternoon, it was the BWO Show!! Fall Blue-Winged-Olive (baetis) was emerging in great numbers under cloudy sky. Now these guys were acting like their "spring creek cousins in Livingston". I had to work on individual fish one at a time. Yet I took a liberty to experiment my new pattern........
Here's a premier of my new & pending pattern. I would go more details after further trials at Livingston's spring creeks.
Then they forced me to use some of my spring creek specialty flies!! This is No Hackle Gnat in BWO.
It meant more than exercise before Winter Pass as I had to fish seriously!! Also it was a great opportunity to inspect my flies for further improvement.

Great start of the Longest & Best-Fishing Month of the year!!

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