Monday, November 3, 2014

Creek & Lake in The Fall

I hope everyone is able to adjust one's rhythm to the Time Change as Summer Time ended. Well, trout and bugs wouldn't adjust their feeding habit, hatching time etc!!
Last week was filled with lots of actions again!! Let me review!

At DePuy's Spring Creek (, fall-run is getting stronger and I have been catching big & aggressive trout constantly.
 New Fall fly!!

And the BEST so far!!

Another new-fly-muncher!!

I seriously started to look and fish for Fall baetis (Blue Winged Olive). This particular individual was posing YOGA?
 This fall, it would seem to be another puzzling hatch with a couple of different colors (perhaps species of baetis)..........

 That being said, I'm still and always a "Midge Mania"!!
Then on Saturday, I had an opportunity to visit and fish Burns Lake within a real working ranch, Burns Ranch, in Big Timber, MT. I shared this opportunity with my neighborhood fisherman at the creek, Bob. Over all, weather was very very nice all through the day!!
At any waters, always learning and observing.........
Bob was on fire from the morning!!
We had a simple yet very satisfying lunch and filled our bellies for afternoon!!

In the afternoon, Bob was still on fire..........
This was the BIGGEST to the boat! A nice buck!!
Another nice buck!!
Somehow I was having very slow time. Remember I was NOT guiding but fishing!! As I was taking pictures for Bob with his camera, I used some "art functions" and didn't set back......... Then finally I got a huge bite too!! And Bob took these pics with "dramatic" mode!!

Typical of Burns Kamloop!! Now I'm happy too!!

We ended the day with a nice Cutthroat!! 
It was a great day with a good fishing pardner. Thanks Bob for great pictures!

I go back to the creek tomorrow. Let's see how trout and bugs have adjusted to the new time........No, it's us who need to adjust to their life and time!!

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