Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Deepens as Winter Approaches

I have shifted my daily schedule to Winter mode. From last week, I started to visit and fish DePuy Spring Creek ( in the afternoon. In the morning and at night, I'm busy with catching up with fly orders, writing articles, and many other things. Soon, you will see lots of updates on my sales catalog and YouTube channel!

Fall fishing at DePuy's is still some of the best!! Here's another Midge Mania!!
And of course Fall-Runners!!
Lots of huge Rainbows are also running in. This tells us that Fall-run has been in a full-swing!!
 Just acquired a new gear!!
Again Midge Mania!!
Then Fall-runner!!
Another midge-riser but this time in the evening.
Look!! What a Fatty!!
More Fall-runners!!
And today 10th, we've got something on the ground. Yet someone has to go out fishing!!
A new emerger pattern of mine was gladly accepted!!
More about that later..........

For the next couple of days, it sounds like colder! That's why I fished today. Meanwhile, I'd love to fill in fly orders!!


  1. Nice fish Satoshi. Where are your neoprene waders? You'll need them today!

    1. Hi Les, my neoprene wader has been improved and yesterday it kept me really warm. From now on, you'll see me wearing it. Oh but not for the next couple of days.....

  2. Loving the blog as of late Satoshi..... excellent posts and trip reports as-well-as flies... enjoying it.... Man we gotta fish together when I'm out to the shop next summer... I'll be there at least a month..... take care, Doug.

    1. Thanks, Doug. Let's go fishing next summer. It's cold now. Hope to get back fishing on the weekend.......