Sunday, December 7, 2014

Warm First Week of December

What a comfortable week it has been! After the heavy storm of last weekend, it feels like the Fall is back! Yet not so windy or overly bright.
I went back to DePuy's Spring Creek ( for full-time!

I bet the creek didn't get fished much last weekend and early this week. Indeed trout looked hungry and aggressive! Following are typical of my trophy shots. But these are some of the best December afternoons ever.
 Still there are lots of large brown trout lurking the creek!
I was surprised by this massive rainbow!!
Another nice brown at the end of the day!

This wasn't super big but I liked the way fished it and the spot.
More golden!
Sight-Egging Rainbow!
 See I was wearing a regular hat.....
Following might cause queasiness even for anglers...... Viewer discretion is advised........
I pumped a stomach of a skinny 14-inch brown............. It must be the war & battle underwater.......

 I haven't taken good pictures of leeches yet........ As I caught a nice brown, I noticed a tiny creature hanging on the tail so I plucked it off with a tweezer I carry in my vest..........

Atlantic Salmon Fly project is going well. Here's a Black Doctor (as per Dr. Pryce-Tannatt).
There will be more coming!

I will be working on the Master Breeder project next week and weekend. Most likely no update here for the next weekend. I have recorded many tying videos by today so at least I try to update one on my YouTube channel. Speaking of which, it's almost all a countdown to 100 subscribers! Please join!


  1. Wow, nice fish man! And that Salmon fly at the end, beautiful tying you do.

    1. I try to avoid using too many "selfie-trophy" shots in one post but it was a series of great afternoons in early December filled with good fish. Also actually well-calculated selfies take much shorter time than trying to set trout still....