Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Hatch!

Following the previous post, this week remains cold as in winter-winter.
Meanwhile, I've been busy with many little things.......... Filling in fly orders, prepping for this and that, etc., etc., ...............

One of those little things I got it done is this one.
I finally FINALLY got "The Fish of 2015" printed out then in the frame!! I've been doing this at the end of each year but the last year end had been so busy with miscellaneous things and events, including a couple of printer issues.............
Anyway, "The One" is a handsome brown that came up on my Unnamed Caddis at a non-descriptive spot of  Lower Madison at the very end of Mother's Day Caddis on May 13th, 2015 (post here).
OOOPS!!  I made a typo............which could have been caused as I had worked on a picture from the previous year........Since the picture is from the local printing store and fits perfectly, I want to keep it as is.

This cold spell doesn't seem to affect fishing, rather making things interesting. Meaning, spring hatches that have once started can't be stopped!! I spent two afternoons at DePuy's Spring Creek. In Wednesday afternoon, spring baetis were prevalent. Here's a PT caught rainbow!
Here's a Parachute caught brown!
Then Whitie on the dry too!!
At one certain spot, I was able to observe the surface and capture some images.

Only after I checked this pic on screen, I noticed the midge. They are coexisting! Co-hatching!? - Indeed so and that is why fishing is interesting now!
Thursday turned out to be even colder with off-&-on snow flurries. I did expect baetis hatch but also I remained open & flexible then kept my observant eyes wide open. This afternoon Midge hatch was going strong and long. Good start!
Spilled all over........
Yeah!! Cutthroat on the midge hatch too!!
More learning.
This tiny little rainbow marked that I caught all 3 trout species during the hatch!! - Very rare and lucky for this time of year!
Hatch and rise kept on. They were still on midges but now on very tiny ones........ Now fishing became challenging beyond interesting.......... With more focus and observation, I got it hooked!! It leaped out of creek several times..........
It was on my most trusted Pupaerger #24!!
Perhaps the first time for this season with the "match" trout!!
After the hatch, I looked for the opportunity among "runners"........ Nothing super huge but they are many and oh-so-active.........

Well, it's been a while for me to make two posts in a week. That's because I'm heading to Bighorn River over the weekend!! Hope to have some fun and catch some trout!

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