Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Fishing Continues

As of this typing, it looks like warm days ahead of us. However, I seem to have more memories of cool/cold days through April (except in Sin City😁😎).

It may have been a bit too early to target warm-water species around here. We hit local ponds to see if we get to Smallmouth, Carp, etc........ As we get out of the truck, midges were flying all over....... then something kept rising all over - something so small.......... Anyways we started to casting midge dry-flies at them. Something kept pouncing our flies but somehow we couldn't set them right. After a little adjustment, I finally got the opener!! The first ever bluegill on the fly in Montana😜🙌
Because of "size" and fond memory, I have to enlarge it!

We needed perhaps a 0-wt 4-foot rod😂

This was the largest caught on a Woolly Worm😂

We swung by Lower Madison next. Mother's Day Caddis hatch is good!!
Though trout seem to be interested in anything available........

Cloudy condition kept the hatch so-so, in other words optimum enough to entice trout. When the sun got totally hidden by clouds, caddis practically disappeared hence trout response got down. We can't predict how long the hatch may prolong, so get out while you can!!
Back in business, I had a guide trip at DePuy's Spring Creek. The day turned out to be even colder. However we had constant actions through constant insect hatches. Creek fishes just as I expect for this time of year.

 This was very uniquely colored rainbow. I was not squeezing, rather the camera captured the moment it was slipping out.
There are some good size trout coming in & out of creek now.
The last bite!!
Besides midges, we also fished fro Mother's Day Caddis at the creek.

May seems to be getting popularity among anglers as I think they start to realize the creek produces just as well as in April, but MINUS less anglers PLUS warmer weathers. Get out while you can!!

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