Thursday, May 25, 2017

More Spring Creek Fishing in May

After three wonderful sunny days in a row, now it's down to 30s😑.....again.......... this patterns seems to go on again. Then finally the real runoff started. Also Yellowstone National Park fishing season is about to kick off on this coming Saturday😉(will definitely make the next post).

I had great pleasure to guide my repeating client during aforementioned sunny days on Livingston's spring creeks. Like I've been reporting, May seems to be becoming a new "prime spring" month. Certainly weather is milder (most of the time!) than in March or April. Then spring hatches continue. Also all sizes of trout are holding in creeks since spring. By observing and learning what's going on with trout in the creek, one can come up with methods and flies that can connect him to trout.

On the first day, we fished DePuy's Spring Creek. His first spring creek expedition kicked off very well😎😁

We had several nice ones!

Then in the evening.........
We had very intriguing yet challenging midge hatch and rise actions at one particular spot of the creek.
 We observed and decoded.
The wrap😏

We then plied Nelson's Spring Creek.  Entire Valley was windy but Nelson's offered us some protection (location, trees, etc) so we kept fishing under another nice day! My client's first trout was this skinny yet definitely a good size brown👍
Action went on!
 Ahhhhhhhh another super-sized 😓
As the day went on, we were required to understand and match trout feeds and behavior more precisely😬
It was rewarding

We also had surprisingly yet good baetis hatches and were able to raise trout and net some. We knew it would be short and intense so we didn't spend too much a time to take pictures. The first batch lasted from just before noon to 1pm. Then we had lunch🍔. Back to creek, another batch was hatching till almost all till 4pm. Boy, that was much better than we ever expect for this time of year!!

After that, trout seemed somewhat full. They seemed to feed only when they felt like and when midge larvae were passing through right toward their mouths........
It was very patient fishing but we managed several and each one was rewarding👌👍

If you can't afford or book rods during summer time, or can't plan fishing trips in summer, spring is the best alternative. Though there might be some cold weathers, days are already getting longer. On both days, we fished till 8pm🌜.

So I keep fishing spring creeks......... then Yellowstone Park season starts.........
For next several months, we may run out of particular flies but never run out of waters/places to fish🙌

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