Monday, March 28, 2011

Flies Not for Sale

Here's another Bighorn reminisce. In the slow tail-water like Bighorn, there are plenty of both earth & aquatic worm and we know trout love them. During the camp, one of the attendants showed me this two-tone worm pattern. I might have seen it somewhere online or catalogues of fly-shops but then again I really didn't care to tie myself as we all know San Juan Worm. I examined the fly for 12 seconds and I reproduced it right there. And I heard that this pattern is named "Cheeseburger".............well, yuck............. It was somewhat advanced tie of SJ Worm but I just felt it's evil. I actually saw huge earth worms everywhere along Bighorn and I am a free and versatile fisherman/tyer so I don't debate about ethical/moral issues of worm patterns and fishing with them. But this huge worm is nothing different from actual bait. I caught one 15-incher that was snagged on its pectoral fin and that was enough for me. I'd rather tie and sell this fly to bait & lure guys who would even use scents on it, maybe? I thought about mix of colors (pink, red, regular brown, light brown, dark brown....) but I simply felt it will be ridiculous and waste of my time. Instead I always keep a tiny SJ Worm in my box. Tied in size 20, this is the one I like to use spring creeks and stillwaters. And it should represent a tiny aquatic worm (not the huge earth one mentioned above). I will carry some of these to spring creeks here in Livingston either when guiding or fishing myself. Please just don't misunderstand me. It's one of the options which could be a day saver. Then again, it's not worth to show and price in my sales catalogue as anyone can tie it. I just tied Royal PMX for the first time. I've been hearing about this pattern but I didn't have time to put myself into tying it. As advertised, it is a great attractor pattern that represents stonefly, ant, other terrestrials, mayfly, and whatever you see and imagine. But......... I tied only 4 of them in size 14 and it took me a long time. I have right materials and they turned out OK but not for the commercial tying level........... Sri-Lankan or Pakistan tyers will do a better job and offer you in much cheaper price!!
Talking about "Royal" pattern, I simply recommend this Royal Wullf Cripple, which is posted for sale in my catalogue.

Check up your fly inventory for this coming season first. If there are some needs to fill your boxes, check out my sales blog and give me jingles. I'm your huckleberry.

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