Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flyz & Materialz Only

NEWS: In my fly sales site,, I have just started a gallery of my Atlantic Salmon Flies (along with purchase info for someone interested in). Please refer the page among the top tab "Atlantic Salmon Flies Gallery & Sales Info" (linked).
I will add more fly photos oftentimes.
So any fishing done this past week? No......... There were a few afternoons that could have been OK but I was busy with something. Friday afternoon could have been a good one. As of this weekend, it's actually warm but super windy. Dangerously, I would add.

I haven't tied many Atlantic salmon flies either. Just a few. The biggest reason was that I had been waiting for the new pair of glass, prescribed solely for FLY-TYING.
Meanwhile, I have done this remarkable work!!

For those who don't tie Salmon flies, it may look like "what's the significance of this?" but there is not much detailed online information about this simple matter. Someday when either one of you come to be interested in Atlantic salmon flies, I hope this will be useful to you.......

Now I figured out twisted-guts, I started pondering easiest and least expensive ways to attain blind-eye hooks....... Answer? I started to make them (make them look like) on my own!! I have just made this before lunch today! Sounds like getting crazy!?

This is the new assignment from my Master, Baron. This is my last night's work. Not bad but it will be improved more. Tonight, I may come with the better one. If it's not too late tonight, I may update with a new picture or two.

So, though I'm not fishing and that may sound lazy, I keep myself very busy.
I may even go out fishing with these flies (!?) when winds is cooperative.
Have a good one everybody!

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