Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mid Jan Fishing Report & Some Refinement

This week has been some of the nicest and the most friendly weather I ever recall in Paradise Valley. Don't worry it's cold and there are lots of snow-packs in Yellowstone Park, which is the head-water of our rivers around here. It's not "dry & sunny warm". Rather it's been a cold & brisk weather but without dangerous winds or snow storms.

I hit DePuy's Spring Creek on 15th ( There were couple more friendly days to go fishing but due to some other projects, I couldn't.

Some rainbows are already in spawning mode. See this beautiful color.

One of those fish.......... I go in!!

He was the one. Not super big but these guys can fight very hard by using current!!

Then I got the first trophy of the year!! See her (I think) belly!! Before she inhaled my fly, she must have swallowed a football or potentially muskrat!!??
 The first trophy shot of the year!! Thank you!!
Still amazed...........
OK, following may sound & look like that I'm repeating from the previous post. Right after I had posted the last post, I worked more and harder on the same project = converting regular loop-eye hooks to blind-eye hooks. I made some improvements. Seeing is easier than reading. If you are casually involved in fly-tying, can you tell the difference? Or do you care? Probably not. Unless I tie special ones for display or high-bid jobs, these will suffice.
Here's a 2/0 comparison.

Here are some larger sizes.

With those converted & refined blind-eye hooks, here's THE BARON, 2/0.

And 4/0 from the other side.

Here's a Red Spirit 4/0 that I finished last night.

So both fishing and Atlantic Salmon Fly tying are going well and keeping me busy.
Let me see what I may have for the next post (trout & flies)
Have a good weekend everyone!

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