Sunday, March 30, 2014

End of March Report - DePuy Spring Creek

As of this typing, it's snowing very hard........doesn't surprise or worry us any more here in Paradise Valley.........

Spring is here because these guys are present! Make sure your flies do imitate vivid orange/red eyes!! (just kidding, don't take it seriously).

Around last weekend, I tied 319 flies!! - all for Spring Creek baetis. Now I start to fill my PMD boxes. That will be updated later.
Then I visited DePuy's Spring Creek ( 4 days in a row.
Anyway one out of over 300 baetis flies seemed to work.

This is "No-Hackle Gnat". It's super light and sits very low on the surface. It's also easy to sink and tilt but that's when selective feeders key on.......
 Here's how the selective feeder would look like!!
I'm still with my 4wt-8ft. These guys are getting strong. Very enjoyable with light rods but it's about time to switch into my 5wt.
Learning.........see some midges were present.

Another one out of over 300 flies did a job!
This is CDC Sparkle Dun, BWO olive, size 20.

Again, regardless of lengths, these guys are getting stronger and heavier for my 4wt!
That's why dry-dun patterns were all I needed!
Thursday 20th, as you should be able to see in this picture, it was a cloudy overcast day with mix of snow and rain. And I had the season's best BWO hatch!! Neighborhood angler passed behind me while I was bringing in this nice buck brown and took a picture for me.
Shortly after, I caught a spawning phase rainbow, of course, on BWO dun dry!!
Just making sure what I was doing....
Neighborhood anglers had some fun during the hatch.

Here are other patterns that I'm using and that have been taken well during BWO hatch!
Improved Pheasant Puff (PP2).

And my good old Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple - BWO. This one works at both flat and riffle waters.
All these flies can be seen in my fly sales catalog (

And I have a very relevant post following right behind!

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