Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HUGE Surprise in Early Spring

I've been posting once a week, usually on Sunday, which seems to work for me. However there are exceptions every now and then........such as yesterday.

It was calm and overcast yesterday. I expected awesome hatch of Spring Baetis and midges at DePuy Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com). Hatch and rise lasted for a short while. Eventually snow storm hit the area........ Who said "spring has come!" in the last post? I fished some with Atlantic Salmon flies which I expected to work under such conditions (before and during the storm).........not really. Nymph rig was the way to go. I hit one of my favorite spots of the creek!!
They were very aggressive to right flies that are presented just right!!

I was content. Little did I expect such a huge drama would be waiting for me. And every drama has prologue.
First, as I wear my rain-gear over my fishing vest, I switched from the large net (Measure Net as seen above), which can be hung on the back of my vest, to the small/regular net to hang on my wader belt.

Secondly, by then I was out of egg-flies. I actually didn't pay much attention to tie, stock, and fish with them as of now. My stomach sampling suggest there's no indication of trout eggs as of now. That is, trout are actively moving and grouping but not really mating/spawning yet. Rather, from last year's experience, I have one particular pattern that I count on; B.P.C. = My own Bead. Pheasant. Copper. in sizes 18. That's to imitate currently flourishing and getting active baetis mayfly nymphs!! I have customer testimony too!!
So these two factors add some flavors to the following story.

At one likely spot, I started fishing upstream. I saw some trout but I just spooked them. This is another sign that trout are NOT really in the mating/spawning mode yet.  I saw one moving shadow in a distance. I thought it would be another group of trout. But now looking back, it was actually the "wave" caused by the back sticking out of the surface!! I made one single cast and I set the hook........ON!! The "thing" at the end of my line actually didn't fight, rather it swam toward me like a watered-log, really. I knew it was BIG but as it came closer to me, I was startled by its size!! Why am I with the smaller net with a shorter handle!!?? But this "thing" didn't really bolt. I could scoop it with the first try........
Oh MY...........just like the Monster Brown from last fall, I was holding my net with my both hands like holding a shopping basket!!
Camera lens got some dew, or it could have been steam of excitement......
Here it is. No fabrication.
I didn't take a picture but it did take my #18 B.P.C. on its mouth. If it was foul-hooked somewhere other than its mouth, OR if I were to be a Snagger-on-purpose!!??, it was absolutely impossible to bring this beast in with 3X tippet. 
 Indeed it measured 25-inch LONG & 15-inch MAX GIRTH.
I believe it's a Cutbow Hybrid, rather than a straight Rainbow.
 According to the fish-weight-estimate formula, (length x girth x girth) / 800, it would be 7 lb flat!?....... Perhaps so when it would lose fat, egg, and hormone after spawning.....

Just about 1 piece of 4-piece Rod!?
Pardon me but one last shot.......

I revived this rare Monster carefully and made sure she swum away, splashing water to my face with the tail.
Well, this is all the reason I visit the creek religiously during so-called "off-season" by most anglers. Yet, trout this size is exceptional and totally out of expectation.
I lost my souvenir fly but either one or couple of these pictures will go hung on my wall!! Very soon, rather than at the end of the year!!
Thanks for checking in!!


  1. Fantastic fish my friend.... glad to see you getting out on the creek... all the best, Doug.

  2. That's one heck of a fish!! Those are the ones that keep us coming back again and again , very nice.......

    1. Thanks for kind words. You are right. I keep coming back the same creek. Yet this one was beyond expectation (so was the brown last fall if you recall...).