Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Rolls

NEWS: I have just made some changes and improvements about Atlantic Salmon Flies on my catalog site. I created two new pages filled with lots of pictures and my PASSION!!
This topic is covered below but I wanted to make a headline with these pages first.

Yellowstone River is still referred as "yo-yo" condition, so to speak, by most locals. It's not in the official runoff yet in terms of flow and volume. With succession of cold nights, some claim enough visibility for fishing.....not for me...... As for Mother's Day Caddis, it's safe for me to say last Friday 2nd would have been the only opportunity this year. I couldn't make it for the reason below. Right now, Madison River is the hot commodity. I actually like to go fishing there. With the Montana general season opens on next Saturday 17th, Madison will see lots of traffic from the wade section and to all the way down to Ennis!!

So I was working on the last Salmon Fly project at the turning of months. I might still tie one or two during next several weeks for my own and depending on orders but this is the last set for display project as of now. And I tied 3!! That's worth XXXXX trout flies in terms of value and effort!!

Durham Ranger (as per Pryce-Tannatt)
 Jock Scott (as per Geo. M. Kelson)
And the last but the not the least, my own design: Ephemerella in valle locus (PMD in Paradise Valley).
This is another thematic/interpretative dressing. As the name suggests, I mean to highlight the most iconic fly-fishing scene in Paradise Valley = PMD hatch at spring creeks.
All these are my latest best and surely featured in the gallery mentioned at top.

Kind of related to Atlantic Salmon Flies. My friend hunted a spring turkey and gave me a whole skin. I harvested White-tip tails and wings (no pictures). Then I plucked out marabous!! This is perhaps the finest marabou I ever seen!!
I'm not a hunter and this is actually the first time that I dealt with a raw skin. Harvesting is easy but this is a good opportunity for me to learn cleaning, treating, and preserving feathers. And I did really well!!
Here's another news that some of you would be curious to know. Do you remember this tagged Cutty from last month?

I have just received a letter from Montana FWP.

  • Fish 1534 was tagged on May 14th, 2009. It was measured 11.9-inch and 0.64-lb.
  • When I caught it on April 16th, 2014, it was estimated (by me) 15.0-inch and 0.75-lb
  • Fish had been tagged at the same section where I was. 

What do you think?
I have no scientific training or knowledge about fish growth so I don't know if this growth is big, small, or normal. One thing I can say is way above Livingston's spring creeks. That means trout in this section don't benefit the nutrient rich & warm waters of spring creeks. Yet, this one has been surviving for 5 years in this same section!! Isn't it remarkable and worth respecting!!??

Majority of trout flies have been tied. I still tie some but I want to go fishing!! Hopefully I can post fishing reports soon!!

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