Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of April

Since the last post, I haven't been fishing. But I feel it's been busy with something around me. Also, Yellowstone River hasn't started its annual runoff yet. It's been cold. That's why the River hasn't blown yet. Is it fishable?? How about Mother's Day Caddis?..........Hmmmmmm tough call....... I have actually just come back from the river. No baetis or midge actions in spite of cold overcast afternoon. No signs of caddis either. Floating and pitching streamers and nymphs are viable options. I saw several boats. Everyone is taking chances............ I keep serious eyes on the runoff. Not just for caddis hatches but also for predicting when we would be floating again..... 
It's time to fill up fly boxes and fly bins.......well, actually time to wrap up that......., I guess.   I did another custom ties for Buzz at Spring Creek Specialists (www.springcreekspecialists.com), located with DePuy Spring Creek property (www.depuyspringcreek.com). It's quite an honor that my dry-flies are taken by Buzz!!
This makes 4 patterns of my original patterns at his shop! When you come and fish DePuy's and Armstrong's (www.armstrongspringcreek.com) or even Bighorn, Missouri (tail-waters), and Yellowstone Park waters (some spring-creek quality streams), check out his shop and pick up some flies!!
As you already know, but reminder, these are also seen at my sales site (http://leftytyer.blogspot.com) and can be purchased directly from me.
Last Friday, I visited East Idaho Fly Tying Expo (www.srcexpo.com) in Idaho Falls. There were lots of vendors and some of great fly-tyers from the area and other parts of US.
I had an opportunity to drop by the booth of Sweetgrass Rods (http://www.sweetgrassrods.com/). For people in this "circle", no explanation needed that they make some of the finest bamboo rods in the entire continent!! I had a pleasure to test-cast and this was the first time I ever touched and cast with a bamboo fly rod!! Sweet.........
Some raw materials on the table....

There were lots of vendors that were very tempting and about to make me spend all the money I got!! One booth had lots of good old fishing books (mostly used then some new). I found this old yet very clean copy with a super bargain price!!
Back to my tying bench with Atlantic Salmon Flies. I'm working on one last project for the season. Here's another interpretative/thematic design of mine. I will discuss about this later.

Corresponding framing and display. There will be a major update about Atlantic Salmon Flies at my sales site soon.
 I have just purchased a Jungle Cock skin, again for the very last project.
Well, I'm a good shopper......!!

I'd like to go fishing of course! 
I keep you posted about the runoff report and my very last Salmon Fly project.

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