Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yellowstone River Cleanup 2014

Here's the event on Saturday April 12th.
This one has become one of annual and important events of my guiding and fishing cycle in Livingston. As a guide and fly-fisherman who utilizes Yellowstone River, to me, this is the love-derived & honored duty. I'm happy to be and proud of offering my boat.
I was assigned one of "priority sections" with another boat and crews. We found a seemingly very old rip-rap made of scrap tires. Over the course of years, River has been changing and nowadays this may be totally out of use and meaning. Yet some tires were exposed and who knows, with the expected high-water, these tires can be washed into the river.........
We picked up whatever we can and piled on our boats. Luckily we didn't have other kinds of trash (cans, bottles, etc.).

I believe this is really an event for society and community of Livingston. There has been all kinds of participants: local fishers, guides, grade school teachers and children, and even non-fishermen & women.  No competition or egos among guides and fishermen either. All we have in common is LOVE & RESPECT to our river.

This is also my way to wish and pray for another great fishing year without accidents on this wild river!!

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