Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October - The Longest Month

How do you think of October? Just another month? To me, all through life, it's been the longest month though it's just another month with 31 days. Although cool fall weathers become dominant, there are still Indian Summer days here and there. Finally, morning = day break = seems delayed but the sunset hasn't come so quickly rather we still have enough lights to stay late & fish!! (depending on which mountains you are close to). Furthermore in my case, I still actively guide and fish, yet one by one I'd better get ready for winter months. All those activities and thoughts keep October FULL which makes me feel it SO Long. That's what I've come with over the years......

This year seems to be no exception. I actually feel it's going smooth.......Perhaps I was anticipating and getting used to.........does that mean I'm getting old?

Anyways..............here's how it's going so far!!
I had good father-son clients for the float trip on Yellowstone River.
What a guide............having clients work on the action.......... Photographing Guide!......maybe.
It was a mixed weather but over all it was nice to be on The Yellowstone.

Oh...............it was one of the WINDIEST day on Lower Madison.............

You may ask: what I'm getting ready for winter besides firewood (That's right! I just stacked them!)?
Atlantic Salmon Flies, of course. This season, I've planned several framing projects, group or single.
Through my own experiments and what other The Experienced teach me, I have found the best bleaching kit!!

With that and aforementioned my own newly developed dyeing skills, I kicked off the first framing project!!

Following are all based on Mr. George Mortimer Kelson's directions (plus or minus my own interpretations accumulated over the years and the flies).

The Champion
I'd like to add this must be (at least one of) the champion of materials and procedures involved!
Every Atlantic Salmon Fly has its own history and modern dressers would add his/her own interpretations and wanderings. Like Napoleon and several other distinctive names, did Mr. Kelson imply himself as he had named this pattern?
The Infallible
Married wing of this might seem awkward for some viewers. According to Mr. Kelson's recipes (there are two), "a pair of tippets (back to back) are 'capped' or 'surmounted'" by married strips of other feathers. Who knows? This is my interpretation with my own best and respect.
I have just completed these three ------- In between several other schedules............... Oh, yeah, this is my October!!

Then, DePuy's Spring Creek Winter Pass will commence soon and I will be fishing and guiding very hard!!

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