Tuesday, November 1, 2016

End of October - Fall Spring Creek Trips

October went by so quickly for my notes. I'd add "without getting in troubles", which I usually do, such as a seasonal cold, fatigue, etc.

I had an angler who decided to challenge the fall fishing on DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringreek.com).  As I've been experiencing and promoting, fall fishing in Yellowstone Country is one of a kind. I especially like Livingston's spring creeks the best!! Fall-run brown & rainbow intensifies later in the month. Then match-the-hatch fishing for fall baetis & midge hatch is ultimately the most challenging for the year!

This was his first try at DePuy's. And this was his first fish!!
Actions went on all day!

There were lots of rainbows in the creek too. Our catch notes were 50/50 each.

We were having good actions and hoping to break 20"-Mark........
 We did it!!

Day 2, we decided to go back to DePuy's. Morning actions were again good!
Then we were side-tracked for this rare occasion.  We spotted a bull moose!!

Thinking back, as we were driving out after 7PM of Day 1, we thought we were seeing a large ungulate. It did look darker than regular deer. We just thought it would be a Whitetail, with my truck lights making a large shadow. Well, apparently it wasn't............
 On this day my angler was willing to challenge on midge fishing.
With my flies and methods I have developed over the years, he did get some actions.
Perhaps the most challenging, as well as one of the most beautiful spots, spot of entire creek.......
From late afternoon to evening, we looked for more Runners.
Good one! And as you could see, weather was approaching on us......

 It was quite a pleasure for me to share the fall fishing on DePuy's with the visiting angler.
I understand October might be a little difficult time for anglers to plan fishing trips to Montana - leave from jobs (seemingly easier to do in summer months), extra layers of clothes and gears to carry, and some other factors. However, I also understand that flights and lodging (and some other items) are less expensive after summer months. Plus, number of fishers is definitely less very much at any rivers. So think about it for your near future!

Perhaps the true sense of "fall" may be ending soon. However, browns and rainbows keep swimming up to DePuy's through November (check my old posts!).

Beat the winds! and Enjoy fall fishing!

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