Monday, November 7, 2016

Yellowstone National Park - End of Fishing Season Weekend

On Sunday Nov 6th, Yellowstone National Park fishing season was over for 2016. It's been another productive season. Renee has fished the opening day this year, now finishing up her first season. For me it's been a while that I was fishing on the closing weekend.

On Saturday 5th we started from perhaps the least occupied section of Madison River, and that's one of my favorite and consistent sections as well. We fished till noon and it was somehow very slow. We observed handful of fishers and this magnificent bird.
With the bright sunny super nice November weather, we changed the spots and tactics. On this day, I was a die-hard fisher. I fished hard as much as I helped Renee every now and then. Another least crowded spot seemed not producing again however, I spotted a structure that I like............ I finally got a tug of the day. I noticed it would be a good size. As I chased and netted it, it turned out to be the biggest and one of most impressive trout from Madison in YNP!! = 21-inch rainbow!!

 On this day, I had better luck than she did....... I guess once in a while my accumulated experience pay off. At another secret & minute spot of mine, she didn't fish enough as I I showed her how it was supposed to be.......... I was very happy to feel a classic Madison fall-run brown!!
   It was a photo session training day for her..........

 We slipped into Junction Pool (somehow it was vacated.....very rare for this time of year!). Finally Renee nailed her own too!!
  I had another colorful one!!
  In my notes, this was the most productive and successful day to get into fall-runners in Madison.

On Sunday, 6th we chose to go to the other side of YNP to finish up our 2016 season on and around Gardner River. Besides fishing, we observed some wildlife activities..........

On this day, I focused more on guiding her than my own fishing. I introduced her some good looking spots and cover effectively. This was a good brown!
With another bright, even hotter than day before, sunny day, actions were not continuous but we picked up fair amounts.
Another good brown!!
Time-change did affect our schedule and life style. We fished till late. During the last lights, Renee got a big tug!! Even I could see the head of fish!!.............A big one to end the season!?............Came loose.............It didn't go as dramatic as we would write a screenplay.................
But that's the fly-fishing. She wasn't disappointed either because we knew we'll be back for the next season and beyond.

Over all it was a good weekend to wrap our YNP Expedition this year.
I hope all of you YNP fly-fishers have had a good season with memories.
See you next year!

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