Saturday, December 10, 2016

Back Country Reminisce

2016 fishing season came and went quickly (oh, yes PKD craziness contributed a lot😠-we shouldn't let this incident go off easy), now the years is about to end.

Reminiscing some plus looking back my journal entries and pictures, I feel this season I hiked into back country and enjoyed fishing there more than before. That's mostly due to my lovely companion who loves to hike😘 I've been dragged for several occasions against my will (with or without fishing)😑or I once planned a rough hike (one of below) that I hoped it would make her swear - it didn't work......😏

Mountains, streams or lakes, and air up there do good for my body and mind.
We didn't go anywhere secretive. Nor do I say we didn't see anybody. Those are plainly marked on maps. We saw handful of people and when we got close we greeted - some fishers and some hikers/campers - yet much less frequent than on regular fisheries below. We had good to so-so fishing most of times. Luckily no dangerous encounters with wildlife.

A few of these pictures below might have already been posted while others haven't due to my work schedules and following blog updates. 
Grayling next time!!

This buff behaved well and didn't bother us......

Good job!!
This one got, or did I?, really close..........!!

This was by far the roughest driving and hiking😖!
The species we were after!! We'll get bigger ones in a near future!!

I recall fishing was nothing to talk about but a good walk that I haven't done for the past few years and that scared her a little bit for some reason😎

We intend to go back some of trails we did this year in a near future. But also there are so many trails and waters that interest us just around here. We walk and fish one at a time.......

Happy Trails!!


  1. You two shared some nice experiences this year. Best wishes for many more in the future. Better watch out, that girl will make a mountain man out of you yet!

    1. We keep adding doable trails on our bucket list. We have checked your old blog posts too. These days I refuse, as politely as possible, to go hiking or walk when fishing is not involved....