Thursday, December 29, 2016

Northeast Experience

It's been quite a chaotic schedule since my last post............. Midnight flight, Philly Cheese, Peking Duck, big cities, food poisoning, breeding cows (each of which has a long story......), then Christmas.......

Anyways...........I was visiting this part of the country!!

Even during the trip, I gladly couldn't get away from my profession..........
We visited Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum in Livingston Manor, NY.
First off, along the way, Mighty Delaware River and its tributaries were very enticing for trout fishing!!! I've seen this country and waters in magazines and websites. I'd never thought I would come this far........Now I really want to go back there someday to actually fly-fish!

Then Center and Museum are very interesting. It's quite a learning of history and culture over there. It definitely highlights where fly-fishing started in USA, then people and tools.

 Theodora Gordon
Poul Jorgensen - He's one of my indirect teachers of Atlantic Salmon Flies!!
Lee Wulff is the big figure anywhere in the world but it seems much more in here.
Indeed the second building is totally dedicated for him, Joann, and their memories and gears.

I recognized some tyers and their displays, including someone that I feel in touch spiritually.

Hatch Chart Extravaganza!!!

Again, someday in a near future, we'd like to make fishing trips over there!!
New York is almost all synonym to Biggest-City-in-the-World however, this part of NY is nothing different from somewhere in Montana. Say, Roscoe seems to me a typical fishing town in the West!

We kinda did a fishing on the beach of Atlantic Ocean of Atlantic City😉
And ate lots of seafood😋........actually more than we could handle.........😳

Late Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to all!!
Hope you all are having wonderful holiday now and we all have a wonderful fishy 2017😁


  1. You should have stopped by to say "hi" when you were in Philadelphia. I live 40 minute away.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Tom, I should have!! You could have guided me the maze of Philly roads....
      Happy New Year to you too!!