Sunday, July 29, 2018

Late July Photo Essay

I had a busy yet very content streak of guide trips with great clients. Of course, fishing & catching (or taking pictures) are the most important part and we did well in variety of waters. To me, that's the whole purpose of being an outfitter - to discuss with clients and find what's out there and which water will be fishing well for our objectives. What a rewarding job I've got😁❗❗

I may insert some details here and there but mainly let pictures do the talking👉

First, before clients' arrivals, I went scouting "Below the Lake" of Yellowstone River right after the opening day. This is a rare catch.....💬

So many insects were hatching during Yellowstone River float😎 See how many kinds of insects in this stomach sample from one trout😲

Gallatin in YNP section was very interesting as well. Typically a nymphing river during the morning, however the stomach sample showed us PMD hatch had been very strong and trout had been gorging😲
This client hauled in one after the other by his Euro Nymphing method😏

This was very hefty😎

Among PMD..............Green Drake😏

PMD were hatching in very good numbers😀

I headed to the other part of YNP with next group of clients.

Now we got our usual species😏

Back to float trip, in spite of winds during the first few hours of the float, we had actions on our dry-flies. We ended up fishing with ONLY dry-flies all day and got great actions all through😎😏
What trout were what will be hatching 😏
I've never taken photos of this bird - well still turning its back on me😓
Father & Son and then guide teamwork👏👍

We then challenged DePuy's Spring Creek.
The famous PMD hatches still offer us some reliable dry-fly fishing and then afternoon terrestrial fishing🐛🐜 is getting really HOT🔥

Immediately after I headed to the even more challenging piece of water - Below the Lake again😐

In the afternoon we hit Slough Creek below campground. He was holding a spot for us😃

Summer goes on😬
See you along the stream somewhere in Montana and Yellowstone Park👋


  1. Such great fishing. Need to get back out that way again...

    1. I try to implement Tenkara around here: spring creeks, some YNP streams, and some backpacking destinations (some anglers actually do). I already got a whole kit for wifey, including the book. So far neither of us is reading or certainly casting..... We will........ Maybe see you someday soon!

    2. Awesome! If either of you need any pointers, just ask. I know I'm a "tenkara guy" but don't mistake me for one who sold all his reels! I still love my 4 weight fiberglass and my 6 weight fast action for the proper scenarios. Not to mention my 8 weight outfit for the salt. Tenkara's a tool for me, I just really love intimate water that it lends itself to. I've definitely got the itch.

    3. It was a Christmas gift for my wifey, "SATO" model from TenkaraUSA, so it still belongs to me as well ;-)
      I agree with you. We are thinking to use Tenkara for purposes and suitable occasions plus some experiments (winter fishing - no ice on guides). I definitely borrow infos from you site.