Thursday, July 5, 2018

YNP July Hatch Bonanza

Over the years of guiding and fishing around here, I have learned the "gap & wave" of visiting fishers to Yellowstone Park. Early July in NE YNP is one of "gap" phases in my note. I guess most fishers would not want to take a risk, rather expect clear water, fair flows, and predictable hatches (good luck😏!). As the visitors and sightseers are going to increase through summer, this is another short period that I like to fish and guide along with June😁.

Of course, the condition can vary one season to the other and depend on each winter's snow accumulation. When it doesn't look good, I won't run a trip. When it looks like ready to go, most of the times I have good judgement calls as I have learned the character and behavior of Yellowstone Cutthroat and streams where they live.

It took us a while but we finally figured out where they are and
what they are after😲

As the weather warmed up, we started to see lots of insects in the air and on the water.
I admit I couldn't identify with scientific names but I should be close and at least and practically speaking I have flies to match them.
This may be one of Baetis species.
Just call it a Giant Drake of some sort😅❓It was very big❗❗
I really like this picture, with just one scoop and shoot, I captured 3 different mayflies😲❗❗
I'm sure the further left is PMD, the middle one is the smaller one above (baetis), and the further right is the Giant one right above.

Then the Goldenstone😀
And NEVER forget caddis❗❗

Above being said, on this day, winds were very very uncomfortable and totally uncooperative😟This angler worked hard and achieved the best available with a dry-fly👏😎👍
Season has just begun on this side of YNP.
Now I know next comes "wave" phases😶But then I learned and developed my systems to get away or get along with it😏
Maybe see you on the steam👋