Monday, April 1, 2019

Quite A Party..........

Oh what a great time it was.................😁
The annual East Idaho Fly Tying Expo was another great success for everyone who participated - organizers, volunteers, vendors, and of course, tyers.

Coming home and looking back, now I realize I had had adrenaline surge since we got to the venue - which means I felt exhausted immediately all programs were marked off😓. That was because I took a workshop with one of the most skilled tyers as well as the greatest instructors in the world😲.
These are NOT my flies❗❗
 We worked on this pattern. How did I do? Ahhhhhh😅

On Day 1, Friday, March 29th, I conducted my own workshop - the topic was to tie elegant yet practical fishing flies for Steelhead and Salmon. Unfortunately my wifey was too busy on her own to come over and snap pictures for me. I even forgot to take pictures of flies we completed. Anyways it was very fulfilling and intense class for both instructor and students. Especially for me as an instructor, it was very meaningful in many ways.

Immediately after, my mentor conducted a very educational presentation at Tying Theater😲.

Then it was my cue😎. I traveled with frames I made through winter. And as I did last year, I tied one & only full-dress Atlantic Salmon Fly for the session.
I sincerely appreciate all the audience who stopped by and even spent with me through whole process🙇
Due to the unusual circumstance, compared to my own tying room in my house, I might have rushed a bit. This is the finished Powell's Fancy (G.M. Kelson).  I gave to a person who sat with me from the very beginning.

Day 2, Saturday, March 30th, was even busier😆
Wifey ran her own educational booth and our little one 👶 was with her most of time.
Ours will soon be one of them😊

 My session was again in the afternoon and again quite busy with good audience🙇🙏
I ran and managed time a bit better than Day 1. With some difficulties and mistakes, here's the finished Green Highlander (G.M. Kelson)😏 Also this was given to a young man who sat with me from the very beginning to the end.

Of course, there are some other reasons this Expo is our favorite annual destination.
This time, we tried Stockman's Steakhouse😋
Need I say more😋😋😋😋

 Although we didn't win these premium raffle or auction items,
Wifey had very good luck with her raffles and won something funny😉😊

Seriously I don't think there are so many events that host so many renowned tyers like this Expo.
Expo organizers have great visions and commitment to make this event happen every year. I hope it will go on year after year and I hope to be invited again and meet and interact with great tyers.
Till then👋

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