Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Cutt Guide

Last week, I was glad to share my beloved Yellowstone Cutthroat fishing in my favorite part of Yellowstone Park.
Soda Butte Creek in the morning.

After lunch, we moved to Lamar River. From Soda Butte to Lamar, it was a bit too crowded for my liking (weekend visitors/fishers, I guess.....) but we found a nice stretch for us, furthermore, we hit Green Drake hatch right on time & spot!!
Running to the other side of the river.....!!
This was some of the best Cutty caught by my clients!!
My usual way of Goodbye.....
Casting to......

Flies mentioned in the recent posts are still effective.
Fish with Big Chubby and Green Drake patterns while they work!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

YNP Dawn Treader 2 - On The "Beaten" Path

Yesterday, I hit the trail within Yellowstone Park, leaving, again, my house way before dawn. It's a well-known "beaten" path and fishery so no descriptions needed.

"Cardiac Hill" for the first thing in the morning made me think otherwise........
 Reaching and fishing here weren't my objective but I wouldn't mind testing waters. OMG, a native Cutty first thing in the morning made my effort rewarding already......
I moved on to the destination.
According to the source, this water holds a distinctive strain of Yellowstone Cutty.......... After fruitless attempts and bushwacking, I got it!!
Here's a happy fisherman!!
I can't give any description but at a glance, I have noticed Cutty in this drainage DO have a vivid spot on their gills (both sides, almost symmetric), just like moles.

In the afternoon, I moved back to the stream. It was another Cutty Bonanza day!! My priginal patterns were gladly inhaled!!

Last one!! Happy end!!

Here are yesterday's hot flies.
Combo Ant

Yes I enjoyed the day!!..............But here's a consequence. I had to walk back to my truck at the end of the day, after I had too much activities.............. My body is squeaking as of this typing........ Anyway, it was another great day in YNP and was worth being a "Dawn Treader"!!
Back to guiding!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The First "Cutt" is The............

Their first ever "Cutt" was memorable...........

I ventured northeast corner of YNP.
NOTE: This year YNP Officials revised their smartest law that they had tried to enforce last year: kill all rainbows below Slough Creek Campground. Which anglers followed this stupidity anyway? I never saw Rangers who was monitoring/watching anglers' activities at all either..... Whatever........ Now all of our lovely trout will be harmfully released!! - WITH or WITHOUT SLASHES!!
Handsome Cutbow!

Then, The First "Cutt"of the season with the dry-fly is always special!!

I was barely hoisting with a single hand. See its jaw.........Already fat!!
Now let's examine their foods of choice.
Green Drake nymph.
I bet this was the exoskeleton of stonefly nymph.
These were either PMD of Flav.
And here's what we expect!! = Green Drake dun!!
or Emerging nymphs

Here are glimpses of my recent go-tos.
Bullet Head Chubby - black. One can't go wrong with this pattern when Cutty are actively looking up!
Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple - Green Drake. This is one of my original patterns and also one out of most trusted Green Drake assortment. Click Here and Here.

I hit the next trail tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

YNP Dawn Treader : Lake-Falls Opening Day

July 15th is the day on which the section of Yellowstone River from the outlet of Yellowstone Lake to Chittenden Bridge (just above the Falls) becomes open for fishing.
I left my casa in Livingston waaaaay before the dawn. It wasn't to hold a good spot or two. I admit some excitement but I just couldn't sleep well last night. That was the simple reason I woke up so early. Over all, I wanted to avoid unwanted delay due to tourist traffic.
I spotted they were taking a morning bath on the other side.
 Hatch was prolific!!

The early birds get the worm?
 or Perseverance paid off......
  CAPTION: "what are you looking at?"
Too big to frame for the lens.......

Yellowstone River & Yellowstone Cutthroat trout........... so special.............

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Here, There, & Anywhere

A summary/report since the last post.......... Yes, I was anywhere......

On July 5th, fresh nymphal shucks of Salmonflies were still observed along the banks of Madison River, just above Ennis.
Fish on!!
Brookies in the Park!
I have guided a future fly-fisher. May more trout be on her way!!

PMD hatch remains excellent at Livingston's spring creeks. I had a trip at Armstrong's Spring Creek (www.armstrongspringcreek.com).

This stomach result was a little surprise for me for this time of the year. Totally midge (especially larva) dominant during this prime PMD time. A kind reminder to myself as a guide and an angler: 1. Never underestimate effectiveness of midges! 2. Individual trout has individual choice of foods, just like human being.
A typical rainbow (color & shape) of Armstrong's ready to be released.
Spinner Fall was a greatly appreciated bonus!!
More waters are coming into fishing modes!! I will be anywhere & everywhere for the next report!!