Monday, January 26, 2015

NEWS!!!! (Then My Usual Contents)

I'd like to make a huge announcement. I'm licensed as a Montana Outfitter. That means from this season I run my own Guiding/Outfitting Operation for Fly-Fishing in the state of Montana!!!!
My Outfitting name is "LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES". 
There soon will be a brandnew & exciting website, which I'm working on very hard. Of course I keep running this blog and all the information current. 
I start to take bookings and inquiries from just now!!
Click on "Guide Service 2015" for now. Then wait for my brandnew website. 

Now let's get back to my usual.
I'd say it's been moderate winter this season.  I've been picking up nice afternoon to visit DePuy's Spring Creek ( I've been getting constant actions.

This year, Winter-Run of Rainbows seem stronger than the past.
I just received wonderful materials to work with. I got two different tones of dun saddle, Silver Grade, from Whiting!! Apparently these are for many of my mayfly patterns!!
Well then, I'd say I stepped up this season regarding Atlantic Salmon Flies. Truth is I'm dressing much less than last year this time, instead much better (yes, headline was the reason I've been so busy and I will be so till spring.....). After "Yamamoto Selection" completion, I decided to work on some more serious and professional framing. First, I need a fly that might be worth framing, right?
Here's Jock Scott (Dr. Pryce-Tannatt) on CS10/3 2/0
And then...........(pardon the camera flash, but I had no way to prevent it....)
I actually felt more nervous and heart-pumping while I was making it "float" than mounting married-wings!! Just like my flies, there are many more details to improve with the framing but for the first time, I like it!!
Now you know why I've kept saying "it's gonna be a busy winter-spring".
Outfitter business (booking trips, building a website, etc), on top of fishing, fly-dressing, and framing!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Week of Variety

This past week turned out to be another week packed with many stuffs.
There soon will be an official announcement regarding the major change of my business. Stay Tuned!
Sure thing is, I repeat, it will be the busiest winter-spring period that I've ever experienced!

Weather has been mix of everything through the week. I picked up two nice afternoons to fish DePuy's Spring Creek ( I simply had fun!

Then I completed my own project. Here's the final plate to reveal. 3 on the right column: Infalliable, Jock Scott, and Black Dose and the left bottom: Champion are among the most complicated & challenging patterns. I saved them toward the end of entire project!
More detailed story and individual fly pictures are in my Gallery.
Black Dose
Champion - indeed a Champion of materials used and procedures applied!!
As much as I'm happy with the completion, I have to feel sad....... I just move on to the next project with Atlantic Salmon Flies!! That is another thing that I hope to announce till spring!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

1st Fishing, 1st Big Show, & 2nd Plate

This past week ended up being packed with many things. Weather remains in a colder side. I managed to pick up one good afternoon and was finally able to get out fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek ( for the first time in 2015!

 Good & happy enough for me!
My neighbor asked me if I want to ride along to Fly Fishing Show in Denver, CO on Friday. We drove all night ("we" may not be correct as I was just a navigator, if not a sleepy passenger) so we would see the event on Saturday. This was the biggest ever show I've ever visited (farthest too!!). Fly Fishing Show would perhaps be the nation's biggest and the Denver show is bigger among them (so I was told).
There were lots of fly-tyers demonstrating their patterns and skills. I met "Hopper Juan" in person. Nice guy and great tyer!
There were lots of vendors and booths. There was an exhibition of antique bamboo rods. Apparently some of those used for Atlantic Salmon captured me!!
I also spotted some authors/anglers/tyers that I often see in magazines and websites. Among them, I finally met Dr. Gary Borger in person! I joined his casting clinic. He's truly a fly-fishing educator. I listened carefully and took some notes. Some of quotes I noted can be utilized for my guiding.
 Following was the clinic with one of modern "Spey Master" Simon Gawethworth. Long story short and I can't describe my inner thoughts for now but I'm into it. So for my near future, I again listened carefully and took some notes.
Over all it was a great time (sure long & hard hours on the road too!). I picked up a couple of items that I wouldn't have purchased unless I would be there. I will post later.
Then I completed one more plate for my own project.
My current best rosters.
This plate consists of (somewhat) random collections that I came up this season so far. But of course there are some stories and personal meanings for each fly. Say, remember The Major was the first one for this project?
This winter to spring will be very busy, just like last week, with full of events and new stuffs. I will unfold one by one as time goes by.....

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!!
Hope it will be another great fishing year for everyone. That being said, I haven't done any fishing so far, actually since last post. It's been cold mostly. Rather than rushing to the creek and fighting for frozen guides, I would choose nicer conditions to offer better fishing reports.

But also the project I mentioned the other day has been keeping me focused.
I completed 1/3 of the entire plan. So here it is. Now you see my intention.
My flies are facing other way? As you know I'm Lefty. How about "Mirror effect"?
You can see each fly at my gallery as well.
In terms of number of flies, it's not so many but there are a few very challenging patterns so I really don't know when I'm done and don't set time either. I will reveal the next two plates when I'm satisfied.

Just like aforementioned challenging patterns, it will be a very busy, focused, and challenging year for me for sure........

Hope everyone has had good Holidays and now have a good weekend!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry X'mas 2014

I came home from the Master Breeder project and got back to my regular life, meaning fishing and dressing flies.

This winter has been a mix of equal amount of warm and cold, in my opinion. Around here in Livingston, when it's too cold, it's simply dangerous to go out fishing or do any other outdoors activities. Also when it's too warm and dry, air will circulate and famous SW winds will blow...... I'd say just moderately and normally cold days are the best for fishing.........maybe.........
Anyway I was glad to go back to DePuy's Spring Creek ( and to make sure that I know how to cast! This was literally caught by the first cast at my secret yet usual spot.
Rainbows are acting hot already!! This is somewhat new for this winter season.
Regardless of sizes, browns must have recovered from their spawning phases one by one and they fight very hard!!
There are still some larger ones are lurking the creek!!

I didn't discuss but a few weeks ago my most trusted Echo Rod had a couple of troubles after full 4 seasons of hard working. I sent it it to ECHO, via Montana Troutfitters, and they sent me a replacement = BRANDNEW = in so very short time!! I can't thank them enough!!
(I did unwrap the plastic cover on the handle, just to show you how it came back.)

It would be great if the first trout for my revived rod would be a nice one. I made a walk to a spot I had some faith in. I spotted some of the most colorful I've ever seen in the creek.
I couldn't believe the odds. The first trout for the brandnew rod means a lot.......
So here it is.......
Actions went on. I'm very sure this rod will haul in many colorful & memorable trout from now on.

Just another typical scene at DePuy's but Merry Christmas for all creatures!!

My Atlantic Salmon Fly project is going on harder than ever.
Here's a Black Ranger as per George M. Kelson.
Britannia as per George M. Kelson.
The original recipe calls for Shovel Duck (or Shoveller) flank feathers for wings. They are common ducks but sellers seem scarce. For some reasons, I have another common-but-hard-to-obtain duck flank feathers in similar appearance. These are from Paradise Duck.
I hope all of you out there are having good holiday seasons.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Atlantic Salmon Flies - New Project

Just before I'm leaving for a Master Breeder project, I came up with a topic worth making a post. 

Here's The Major - George Mortimer Kelson. 
A bit of dramatic effect could conceal my mistakes!?
I have started to wonder what to do with these flies based on techniques & materials for display purposes. Since I started this subject last year, flies' destinations (framing, preserving, throwing-away, actual fishing?, etc.....) have been my curiosity, if not the responsibility.......
This season, I have to see significant improvements on my dressings. I really don't care if these will be sold or not. But I'm sure these will mean something as the very first chapter of my long-lasting pursuit of Atlantic Salmon Flies.  I have been having several framing ideas and options but I have just decided to work on this one till I'm satisfied!
It'll be a long story to explain what's this box is and how I acquired. But I have just decided flies to dress, intentions, and decorations. I don't know how long it takes to complete and I don't set the time on purpose, as Atlantic Salmon Flies are never-ending passion for me. Along the course, I will unfold my selections.  For now, I have just attached The Major above for one of three pages with the reason.

I may complete my objective till spring? Or may be not? I really don't care. It's too small to be a collection, so I'd call it Yamamoto Selection.

It's a bit too early to make New Year Resolution, and I don't meant to, but this project will keep me focused!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Warm First Week of December

What a comfortable week it has been! After the heavy storm of last weekend, it feels like the Fall is back! Yet not so windy or overly bright.
I went back to DePuy's Spring Creek ( for full-time!

I bet the creek didn't get fished much last weekend and early this week. Indeed trout looked hungry and aggressive! Following are typical of my trophy shots. But these are some of the best December afternoons ever.
 Still there are lots of large brown trout lurking the creek!
I was surprised by this massive rainbow!!
Another nice brown at the end of the day!

This wasn't super big but I liked the way fished it and the spot.
More golden!
Sight-Egging Rainbow!
 See I was wearing a regular hat.....
Following might cause queasiness even for anglers...... Viewer discretion is advised........
I pumped a stomach of a skinny 14-inch brown............. It must be the war & battle underwater.......

 I haven't taken good pictures of leeches yet........ As I caught a nice brown, I noticed a tiny creature hanging on the tail so I plucked it off with a tweezer I carry in my vest..........

Atlantic Salmon Fly project is going well. Here's a Black Doctor (as per Dr. Pryce-Tannatt).
There will be more coming!

I will be working on the Master Breeder project next week and weekend. Most likely no update here for the next weekend. I have recorded many tying videos by today so at least I try to update one on my YouTube channel. Speaking of which, it's almost all a countdown to 100 subscribers! Please join!