Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Trip 6 - Final Destination: Depuy's

The biggest reason I wanted and decided to visit either one fo the spring creeks in Livingston was that I was doing poor job for Baetis hatch at Madison and Firehole. Baetis and midges hatches sounds consistent at spring creeks.

Other option was to stay in West Yellowstone and do the same; streamers in the mornig and evening, then try to hit Raynolds to $3 Bridge for Baetis hatch.

My first choice was of course Armstrong's. But I could not get a hold of O'Hair Ranch. Later I heard from Yellowstone Angler that they have gone elk hunting!! So I called Depuy's for the availability when I checked into Livingston. Also I had a wild notion to see what I can do at this challenging water, where I totally got knocked out one afternoon last year, while Armstrong's is already familiar.

Whatever I got, I have no regret or disappointment for what I decided. If the hatch would be slow at Depuy's so would be at Armstrong's. And with the sunny weather at Madison, I would not expect too much for Baetis hatch.

Though my expectation was to fish for Baetis and midges with dry flies or swiging soft hackles as emergers, just in case I tied several Sparkle Scud in my motel room in West Yellowstone. I left my stillwater box (should I say Rocky Ford box?) in my house.

I was swinging soft hackles for Baetis and midges through the riffles but had no actions. I came up to a nice deep hole where I wouldn't go enough by swinging soft hackles. Since I was not getting any actions, and after I paid the rate, I tied on this light olive Sparkle Scud. I finally got out of "skunk" at Depuy's and this marked the first trout at Depuy's and last one of this trip...

Depuy's is twice longer than Armstrong's. But even with my limited experience, I seem to see more trout at Armstrong's than Depuy's. For example, if I am walking carelessly at upper section of Armstrong's , I often see at least a dozen or more trout get spooked and run away. At Depuy's I saw barely one at each spot. I would try Depuy's again while the rate is low, but this experience here makes me like Armstrong's better..... As of now I am thinking about to get up there early April next year. Can't wait.....

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