Sunday, November 29, 2009

Camping Then and Now

I think fly-fishing oftentimes offers lots of fun things other than catching fish. One of the biggest difference from other ways of fishing would be fly-fishers often hike into mountains. I am one of them. I may not catch or even expect to see big fish but it's always fun. I can't emphasize what mother nature offers means to me. Besides beautiful trout, mountains and rivers are always in my heart (or vice versa). My favorite getaways are Yellowstone Park waters and my "secret holes" in my area that I keep my mouth shut!.

Whatever we do outside, camping would be one of the most basic and important concerns. But then again, to me, fly-fishing adds some tastes rather than just camping, hiking, or fishing with other ways. Besides preparations for foods and where to sleep, I always bring my journal (as used for this blog) and tying materials in case I need to ties flies that are not in my box.

I made several 3-day fishing camp to Tucannon River in eastern Washington. That meant two-night camping. The upper streatch offeres lots of free camping area, managed by state/rangers. It is such a nice place to enjoy camping though I never caught any fish over 11 inches. Since it's free in terms of fee and space, I have to curse some bad-mannered people who just come here and dump all of their garbages. This is the problem here in eastern WA that I shout loud!!

Anyway, here's one scene from Tucannon camp. I liked to sit and take a nap under the umbrella. I slept in the cab. I didn't encounter people who camped for parties so I enjoyed quietness at night.

This is some of the foods at that time. My favorites were Top-Ramen, Pork-&-Beans, Vienna sausages, corned beef & hash, and some breads or muffin along with some sorts of fluids as you can see.................

I camped at Madison Junction in Yellowstone National Park. It was OK and good in terms of camping. But it was a bit wiered to me because there were lots of groups and people, including myself, who were trying to make "man-made" quietness and solitude. It was like a refugee camp for me to be there. Besides, I went there for fishing. There were too many things to care other than fishing under the ciurcmustance and that made my days tough, not enough, and not busy for fishing.......

As day and year go by, I came to the point that I had to admit those high-caloried and easy-going camp foods above were getting too much for my metabolism.

These days, I would often pack sandwiches and chips for lunch but the night would be like this......simple and essential.

Furthermore, when I go to Yellowstone or Livingston area, I stay in motels with microwave and refrigerator. Ideally, a kitchen unit is the best as at Al's Westward Ho Motel in West Yellowstone (they are an old-style so they don't have a website. If you are curious, just call.) Here's a snap-shot during my last fall trip to Yellowstone at Gray Wolf Inn. It is called "Micro-Fridge"!!

I could be called that I am getting old and soft. Maybe. But by staying motel yet preparing most of my foods in ice-chests give me less times and things to care other than fishing, instead produces me more time to focus on fishing. And this is very effective to keep me healthy and doing as I do in my house. I can keep stuffs for my fresh sandwiches and in the evening after a long fishing day, I can barely sip a can of soup and eat veggies and salads. Yet I can cook some hearty eggs for breakfast with a microwave.

Some of you might suggest me own a motor-home, RV-car, or RV-trailer. This way, I could stay cheap or even free at camping sites. But I hate the competition for "first-come-first-serve". I'll do that for fishing spots but I don't want to do that for the rest. Besides, I know whatever kinds of vehicles I own, it costs a lot....... I'd rather be a good customer for each motel. So far those motels in Montana remember me every time I make calls and visit them. I belive this is why I am getting better fishing results every time I get back!!


  1. CJ,

    I recall that little Pendleton bottle would have contained other material (probably cheaper one). It was saved before, and I still have it, because the rubber-cap lasts much longer than the cork. I am just not using it because of the reason above and nowadays I just grab big ones....