Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Trip 7 - On the Road/Off the Fishing

I was away from my house for whole 11 days. Other than fly-fishing, I had great fun too. As in my fishing reports, fishing population was definitely lower than last year. But also according to Blue Ribbon Flies newsletter, so were the all other kinds of visitors to the Park in October. This gave me much more elbow room for driving than in summer months. I can't tolerate people who just stop in the middle of road to take pictures of wildlife or whatever the reason is. Of course I had to see that kind of people here and there during this trip too, but due to less people, it was managable. I saw several cars stopping in the middle of the road and those drivers were reading maps. There was nobody coming in the opposite lane, I could pass them easily.

I saw a nice bull elk. I wonder why hunters have such hard times to get closer. I petted him on the neck.

I saw a big herd of elk too.

On the last day of the Park, Sunday, Nov 1st. I had lunch at Madison Junction. This Sunday was the most crowded of course. I had had my own success by then, especialy with large soft hackles, so I really couldn't push myself into it on that lovely sunny day.

Something is going on at Hebgen Dam.

Besides I wanted to try either Depuy's or Armstrong's spring creek, probably the main and instinctive reason that made me go to Livingston was the good food there. In West Yellowstone, town was not crazy like summer but also my favorite Buckarro Bill was closed too. If they had been open, I must have had a 1-lb buffalo burger to end my trip.
After I fished Depuy's, I dropped by Montana's Rib's & Chops, but it looked very busy and crowded on Wednesday night. So I went to the other place I was curious about, Buffalo Jump.
For its name's sake, I thought they must have buff steak or burger. Yes, they do!! I had this 10-oz sirloin. I cleaned the plate better than dogs would do. I think I must have had enough of my sandwiches and cans of soup! I hope less buff would scare me next year in the Park!!
Then I noticed that the upstairs of this building is for FFF?? I didn't know that. I have been to FFF museum, which is in the downtown. Is this their office or old location? I failed to get full information. It's quite a coincidence that I was drawn to Buffalo Jump.

On my way home Thursday, Nov 5th, I did some shopping in Bozeman, then took I-90 to Washington State. I dropped by Wheat Montana at Three Forks. It's a popular spot for anybody passing by. One day when I dropped by around 2:00pm or so on my way home, I saw lots of WA lincense plates. They were making a row to order, so I left..... This time, I dropped by 10:00am or so and got a sack lunch to go, so I didn't have to wait!

I dropped by Conoco in Missoula for gas and a break. Then I opened the sack. Very neat and delicious!! I consider myself that I make good sandwiches and pack a nice box but this one can rival mine. It's just a regular sandwich but I think the bread is the key. I also bought a loaf of bread and now am applying on my own sandwiches. If Subway is a bit too much and makes mess while you are driving and eating, this is the go-to!!
I never failed to bring some Montana beer with me as always. Since Bayern and Big Sky Brewing are in Missoula, this Conoco station has some good selection. I found this one!! This is from Kettlehouse also in Missoula. Every fly-fisherman had better try!! But it does say (No promises that beer will help you with your cast.)!! Funny and nice beer!!

I really had a great time all through the trip. Long winter is ahead. I hope I can get back to Montana hopefully in April for wild trout, hearty meals, and robust beer!

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