Monday, December 7, 2009

10 Flies to Choose

I saw this article at Midcurrent. Experts picked their own top ten fly patterns. This is really a tough task, as the answer explains to the questioner. First it really depends on where (which states or countries), types of water, and season. Then how about sizes and colors? Do we need to consider personal enthusiasm such as dry fly purist, nympher, soft-hackle enthusist, and streamer man?? It is interesting for me to see that each expert has his own tendency, either more inclined to his own favorites or well-balanced..........

In my own level, I wanted to think about how my choice would be like. If I simply choose patterns I like to tie and keep in my boxes, my list would consist of lots of soft-hackles. That might do but I always wanted to be a versatile fly-fisherman. So I wanted to include dry, nymph, wet (soft-hackles), and then streamers. Then I had to think about insects; mayfly, caddis, and midge. As for sizes and colors within the pattern, I don't discuss. It's impossible without mentioning certain conditions (water, season, etc......). I just thought about one situation: I am at the river or creek (not lakes or ponds) with my 6wt and floating line. So my list has become more like "10 ultimate patterns" that I carry all the time with great confidence.
Sparkle Dun works anywhere I have fished. This happenned to be Epeorus color.

Royal Wulff Cripple is one of the most effective attractors, I bet!! It is fun and simple to tie.

As for caddis, I chose Improved X Caddis (X2). This is shaggier and more visible than original X Caddis.

These top 3 are pretty much what I need during the summer time, especially when I wet-wade to mountain streams.

Now it's down to wet flies.
Nick's Soft Hackle by Mr. Nick at Blue Ribbon Flies is an amazing and super effective emerging caddis pupa imitation!! During my June trip to Yellowstone, this out-fished famous Lafontain's patterns at Firehole and Gibbon during caddis hatch!! And as he intended, this is much simpler to tie.

I won't forget midges. Though I have more favorite patterns to show, Syl's Midge must be the all-time favorite. With the greased leader technique, this can be fished as dry and surface film, then swing it!!

I am getting to the bottom. $3 Serendipity is the must. This resembles everything or anything, mayfly nymph to midge larva (when tied with small curved hooks).

Beadhead Crystal Serendipity is always a brown trout fly to me.

Streamer time!! Not just because I did pretty well during my fall trip, I can't emphasize how lovely this fly is to tie and to fish with.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of streamer patterns. Yet my own and probably for most of anglers' all time favorite would be Scott Sanchez's Double Bunny. Here, I adapted this pattern with a barbell eye so it sinks upside down for less snagging.

The final 10th fly........... Well, I go with my Coyote (Coyoted Pheasant Soft Hackle). To me it's something among minnow, smolts, maybe an imitation, and an attractor in general.

These 10 flies are always with me along with other good patterns. Here is the glimpse of my project during the winter, related to these flies, besides watching DVD and reading books. I will up and post when it's done.

If you have your own idea and selection for 10 flies, let's share!!

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