Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to My Bench - Zonker

My neck was diagnosed just muscle sore. Not a whiplash level or even not torn. But the real problem was a bad flu/cold that I seem to have picked up in Montana and a pollen allergy that hit me right after I got home. Prescribed pain-killer and muscle-relaxer caused me some drowsiness and put me into bed for tight sleep. That actually seems to help me get over. Then my F-150 is being fixed also. It is costing me more than I want but much less than buying a whole new vehicle. In spite of scary and insecure situations at Livingston, I really have to admit how lucky I was as for my own body and F-150. But then again, I could have used those extra costs for a new rod/reel/line and a new computer.........
Thank my friends who concerned my wreck.......

OK, now I'm back to my tying bench. I lost several flies, particularly streamers, during the trip. I'd like to tie some of my favorites and would always like to try/learn new patterns. One of those was Zonker. I've been wondering how this belly can be done. It wasn't super technical or materialistic. I just followed an instruction here.

I really think this pattern will work for all sizes of trout as a baitfish/minnow/sculpin. I personally like the keel style that gets upside-down in the water for less snagging the bottom. Plus, combination of colors and sizes are only limited by tyers' imagination.

There will be more posts for flies. And I will soon be fishing around here in eastern WA. Then I will be planning to sneak away from my job to make a trip during the summer.

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