Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Trip to Livingston - Prologue

I came back home from Livingston. I have uploaded pictures from my camera to computer and written the summary of this trip in my log for what was all about.

Each day brought me unique experience. first time water, waters I've already fished but at different sections and spots, and some things other than fishing. I decided to post one by one.

Here's a quick note on my way to Livingston. I got pulled over by a police car at Ritzville around midnight April 5th (or 0:00 AM 6th). I turned on only small lights so I don't light up the store at a gas station then I seemed to hit the road. Nothing special but wasn't happy. And then I had to stop at two rest areas in Montana to take a nap, one hour each. Usually a thermos of coffee keeps me going, especially after entering Montana. I often fish for a couple of hours before I settle into my motel room. But in the afternoon of 6th, I literally collapsed on the bed. Instead tight deep sleep was guaranteed for the next hard fishing days!!

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