Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Fly?? Part 2: Streamers Gone Wild

Here's another design I was working on for the past two months, hoping they might work in Livingston. But then again, there's always story behind. It's simply fun for me to play with materials at my bench.

Last April these beast whacked my streamers.

Here's the crushed Double Bunny with the barbell eye. Now it's hung in my wall as a memory.

Another streamer that worked well was Sculpzilla in white and black.

Also, I have heard that, in Yellowstone River, historically 30-inch & 10-lb browns have been caught on live bait and minnows by bait-fishermen. They even use minnows up to 12-inch.

Hmmmmmm................what fly-fishermen can do? What kind of streamers are available? Plus the success of Double Bunny and Sculpzilla that are some of the biggest silhouette in the market now........

I came up with a 6-inch long combo of Double Bunny and Sculpzilla!! As always I tested in a salad bowl in my kitchen. It does swim well. But who wants to cast this kind of ugly-biggie? Now it's hung in my wall. But then again who knows? I might pack this in my box.

This humongous streamer idea simply drives fly-ties go crazy along with great fun and experiments. During the winter, I received lots of catalogues from fly-shops. While browsing, some synthetic materials and bait-fish patterns for saltwater caught my eyes and that started to tick my idea and thought about large streamer patters. Synthetic materials, especially fibers, are cheap and come with consistent quality. For tying streamers, they create large feature very easily and quickly. My choice was EP fiber.

I came up with a design that can be tied in all lengths and all kinds of colors in one's mind. And that seem to work for what I will be up to in Livingston. Here are two of those.
7-inch long!!
Same tie but much smaller for another occasion in my mind.

I just don't go to details for now as I want keep them as entertainment, experiments, and April Fool's joke. I'll find more soon.
I have just started packing stuffs to boxes, bags, and into my truck.

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