Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soft Hackle Streamer - New Ties

It seems like Milan or Paris Collection for 2010-2011 Fall & Winter, I mean, it's way too early to talk about fall fishing before even spring is coming. But from my great success and fun with soft-hackle streamers in Madison River last fall, I've been looking for more colors and more combinations of colors. I really think this fly's combinations of colors and head materials are only limited by our imagination. Yet actually tying is very simple.

Last fall, black and white were very succesful. So I tied both colors at once as "Integration".

I recently obtained a mrabou bag in sculpin olive. This is really a juicy color. I combined with brown or rootbeer marabou and finished with grizzly head. I think this is a total combo of sculpin colors. Furthermore, this time I tied with a short shank and strong salt-water hook.

Talking about marabou and large streamer silhouette, one of my favorites is Kelly Galloup's "Heifer Groomer".

This fly's articulation method gave me some idea. I have just made a Soft-hackle streamer articulated as a 4-inch long sculpin. Some of you might say too skinny in the middle?? Not at all because whole design is meant to be skinny and fluffy in the water.

These will be used at Madison in the fall for sure but I carry these soft-hackle streamers in sevral colors all the time. I might find out in April in Livingston or even tomorrow in Yakima.

Soft-hackle streamers can be swung and stripped with a floating line and also be effective with jerk-strip retrieves with sinking line

Tomorrow is Yakima-Wednesday!! I have another streamer patterns that I have just developed in various sizes and colors. Along with them and my lunch selection, I'll find out more!!


  1. Fall?????????? now dont forget to thread the line through the guides,, what did you tie all your spring stuff in the summer?