Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Trip Summery & Off the Fishing/On the Road

Here's a quick summery of this trip in my mind.
  • I enjoyed pre-runoff time with some challenge and iffy condition but with almost all no crowds.
  • Same thing in a different way, "too many places to fish!!". Especially Yellowstone River around Livingston, I found lots of wading accesses that I would never see or realize during runoff or high water summer time.
  • I planned well and took a good advantage of winter rate at spring creeks.
  • I shaped up my body for wading and hard fishing all day during the winter.
  • Wear a seat belt though Montana law does not require it.................


I wasn't wearing a seat belt, as allowed in Montana, when I got spun and crushed. I don't know if it was bacasue of that or whatsoever, I will see a doctor in my town for a potential minor whiplash tomorrow for the safe side. Besides, I seem to have picked up a bad case of flu/cold in Livingston which seems worsened by a pollen allergy in my town.

OK, here are off-shots during the trip.

Sleeping cutie at O'Hair Ranch. I bet she slept in late and others left her behind.

While I was looking for access points around East Gallatin, a car in front of me was slow and slightly irritating me. Then this cattle driving further slowed me down!! I had to chuckle for this traditional Montana event. Actually this was just around Milesnick (MZ-) Ranch who provides access to East Gallatin and their own private creeks. All of these are in great quality, I hear. But on this day, I didn't think they had any time to care a traveling angler......

I couldn't simply pass by this street art. It has some characters and flavors in it.

In the middle of Bozeman, they were tearing apart and remodeling a part of I-90. I tried to shoot while driving, very technical?
Now I am photographing and driving then. I think I was wearing a seat belt...... maybe?
Conoco gas station in Missoula is full of local breweries!!! I am very vulnerable to "limited time release" ones. This "406 Series" from Big Sky Brewing is limited to only in Missoula!! I also picked up "Face Plant" , a seasonal release, before gone!! I haven't tried these two yet because of my body condition. I don't think I can taste them well as they are supposed to be. Hopefully in a few days.......
Only 30 more miles to my house, my patch work gave up!! I re-patched it and in a few days, new window will be installed.

For both fishing and some other things, my Livingston trip was a great success two years in a row. A bit too much adventure on the road, I guess......

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