Friday, January 13, 2012

First 'Stone 2012

Today, off from work & another nice day, I did my other job = fishing. Going out fishing in this time of the year is really a job. One has to push oneself somewhat hard, at least wind wasn't blowing. I somehow really wanted to fish Yellowstone River for the first time this year. This does not mean that I get bored of or become know-know of DePuy. Creek is in a sort of transition, so to speak, in my view and I thought "better give 'em some break from my flies!!" I went one of nearby sections from my house. You know where this is and it still shows my love & interests of Creek.....

I fished with somewhat mixed up streamer x nymph tactics. My first fish from 'Stone this year was a nice little rainbow, beached on ice.......

OH BOY, I missed you, WHITIE!! How have you been?  I caught 3 of them today. This one was the largest........Somewhat content to see they are alive?? maybe......

Then I have to report this and you'd better check out if you want to do some dry-fly fishing soon!!
I started to see a few rises here and there. Eventually more than some and constant risers were all over!! It was a midge hatch!! It was very amazing to see in the middle of winter.

But also it was so embarrassing that I was with my 6wt rod and FULL-SINK line.......And my MIDGE BOXES were left in my house. I could have gone back to my truck to get my 5wt and floating line and fished with a small attractor dry-flies but I figured it would be gone by the time I came back...... At least I was right for that.  Hatch & rise started around 1pm and went strong 30-minute then slowed down. I still saw some risers and midges hanging around ice till I quit at 3:30pm.

This is why I love 'Stone super much!! Let me quote here. My guiding mentor's (Montana's Master Angler Tom Travis) mentor (Don Williams) said "If you can learn to read the waters of Yellowstone River and consistently take trout, you can travel the world and consistently a successful fly angler". (Go to, click ARTICLES on the left, click EYE OF THE GUIDE, then click Nov 6 by Tom Travis).
Either as a guide or a fisherman, I want to get close to the quote......

I will be on the water again next week. Both DePuy & 'Stone. I wish I could go fishing every day but also it's just a great time to be slow and observant. Learning and Observation will never end. BUT I just don't want to learn to fall in the river in winter and how I feel......I think I already know that!!


  1. Satoshi...Thanks for the link with the interview on Don Williams. Every new guide should read it. Twice.

  2. Yeah, I read more than twice. I'm still a new hombre and I don't know how long I can sustain but at least I found a path to follow, surrounded by right mentors here in Livingston. I haven't met Don as I was new last year and he passed away but I'm learning his legacy from elder outfitters around me.

  3. I think we all wish we could go fishing everyday :) You definitely get out there a lot. Great looking fish and thanks for sharing. Tight LInes.

  4. Hi TM,
    I definitely have an advantage to get out fishing (or decide not to when weather is hazardous) as Yellostone River runs along town of Livingston and proximity of spring creeks. All spots are within a 5-minute driving from my house. And I am using Winter-Pass to DePuy very efficiently. Am I lucky? can get out only if one gets used to (or doesn't mind) gusts & winds in this town......