Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cutty Rise 2012

In Japan, the first Sunrise on the New Year's Day is worshiped as a lucky sign for the brandnew year. I have another "RISE" that I worship and love all the time. That's the rise of Yellowstone Cutthroat in our Greater Yellowstone Country.

Today, I visited the town of Gardiner to see if I can the first rise of Cutty for 2012. Beautiful scenery that I will never get bored to be and to fish around.

Just around 1pm, I started to see some rising trout on midges. As I wished, I could observe and enjoy Cutty's slow & deliberate rise forms one after another on my flies!! This was actually the 2nd Cutty, as I missed a picture for the first one.

Rainbow rose aggressively!!

Today's hot flies. Besides Griffith's Gnat Emerger,

these two skinny silhouette patterns worked very well.

I didn't actually take insect samples but by observing trout rises and what was visible on the surface, I was pretty sure these flies should work. I didn't see too many bugs, hence clustered ones either, but trout were rising one at a time.
Well, I made sure with my eyes and hands that Yellowstone Cutty are doing well in this winter and ready to rise as we always hope and enjoy.

You know where I'm heading tomorrow then........Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


  1. Lovely trout and flies. I can understand that you appreciate to go fly fishing in such a beautiful place. And get trout on dry flies! Fantastic!

    Have fun dry fly fishing,

  2. Yeah, we all appreciate our surroundings. Particularly Yellowstone Cutty is the symbol of free-flowing river and wild trout. Fact we can catch them with our dry-flies is truly a pleasure. I can't emphasize how lovely their rise forms are.......slow, deliberate, & calculated.....