Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guide Gears 2012

Last week I said it's just right time to stock up/organize flies. But also it's just right time to replace/examine gears for the up-coming season.

My biggest concern was the pair of "FELT" boots........ I myself have never tried Vibram or any other Non-felt souls but for what I've been hearing, I don't think I would like them or trust them. I do understand the invasive species acts/concerns but.......as a guide/angler, I can't get out to rivers when I'm feeling insecure on my footing. I have been with Simms Guide Boots that has just been wearing out over 2 years of hard works. What should I do???? Luckily and coincidentally Simms re-introduced felt lineups again. It FITS!! and I feel SAFE again, period!!

Believe or not, my vest got worn out too. With some tears, rips, and lots of fishy history, if I had put in a washer, it would come out as a rag-ball, maybe......Nowadays there are lots of guides and anglers who don't use vests any more, but I'm still the one. I got Simms Guide Vest, which has the most pockets among their products. First of all, the best feature/design is that it's light in the weight and short in vertical length. I could transfer all of my gears, tools, fly boxes, and other gadgets at exactly the same spots. You see my Finsport Fly Keeper, C&F Rubycell Fly Dryer, Dr. Slick Clipper (these are super useful tools so Google for shopping if your are interested.) and a hooked watch (as I don't like wrist-watches).

Another purchase I'm happy to introduce is the Long Bill hat. See the difference from regular hats. This makes a huge difference for sun-protection and to create larger shadow for your fishy eyes. Not all manufactures or fly-shops carry this type of hat. I'm ready for Dog Days of summer any time!! Not to mention with my lucky color ORANGE!!

Now, I've gotta replace a wader too!! I'm waiting for...........you know when if you are guides who appreciate Simms products.......
More new flies are filling my boxes. And that's what I'm gonna post next!


  1. I just got a new pair of Simms boots in Vibram rubber with the Carbonite Studs screwed into the bottoms. SUPER STICKY. Fished the Madison last month and waded all day in them with no problems. You're welcome to try mine someday to see if you like them, but I give them a thumbs up!

  2. My understanding is every type of modern wading boot has some spots for each water or situation. Think about this: Viabram is OK at DePuy's but worth less than a crap at Armstrong's. And here's guides' voice......though we know scratches from studs won't make holes on our boats or sink us soon, scratching sounds are just creepy & loud that crawl our spines........