Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Actions

We had several inches of snow, truly the first winter-like-weather one, but the same pattern repeated; nice weather came back today! I was half-hoping a reason or two not to go fishing and instead wishing to sleep in and watching DVDs.........I have a mission in my mind. I had to visit DePuy's Spring Creek.

Today was another observation day with some positive notes. First, at a spot I always check for "sight-fishing", I saw a group of trout, including a couple of large ones, were gathering up. I was positive some River-Trout were coming in. Next surprise was that I got a solid streamer bite while stripping and retrieving slowly.

Hit fly was again Doug's Home Invader.

Next I moved to what's called, "PHD Pool". Is it so-called because the spot requires "PhD in trout fishing"? That I don't know. I have known there always are trout gathering but ultra hard to approach and cast. Today, I saw a real dark back who wouldn't get spooked with my several unsuccessful drifts. Suddenly the shadow darted and I felt a tag!! I did my best so the fish wouldn't go through the culvert. Got him!! As I saw from the top, he was dark indeed!

Have I completed a super technical sight-fishing at the world famous spring creek and attained a "PhD in Fly-Fishing, majoring in Trout"?

Not really..............
Truth is............see where my "Royal Ray Charles" was.......... Also the reason he wouldn't move and that I could pull him out from the culvert was, I think, he was sick. He was infested by a couple of blood sucking leech....YUCK!! I got rid of them!! He will feel better!! In a way I helped him then!!

(Royal Ray Charles)
Then I have a good report for those of you who want to know more about bugs and hatches. I have observed Spring Baetis on the water. I actually have seen a few for the last couple of visits but today I saw more.
So were trout rising? Not yet........ trout were still hanging low and slow. Water temperature and intensity of hatch may have not reached trout's comfortable level.
It was really fun. I will be back next week and see what will happen!


  1. Really nice story about winter fishing for nice trout. You did god! It can't be easy to get the trout to catch your fly during such conditions.

    Have fun and good luck next week,

  2. Thanks for kind words. Hopefully I can post a different story with some pride, rather than a joke, next time. I really want to see more hatches that cause rising trout!