Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fly Experiments

Apparently I headed to DePuy's Spring Creek today. Temperature was low but NO WINDS!!
Fishing result first, well, it was super slow today. There are some reasons and theories that I don't discuss here. However, I'm visiting for observation, regardless of catching trout or not. It was a good time to experiment a couple of new flies. In other words, thanks to Winter Pass, I can afford time and days just for experiments!!
This is "Tri-Color San Juan Worm" tied in a small size.


This was a legitimate catch!

And this is the one I was just playing around on my bench night before and then at the creek today.

What's this joke? Well, I hooked two nice trout with this fly but gone before netting and pictures. Both might have been foul-hooked somewhere. What does this imitate?? Let me do some more trials as I've got some feelings on this.
See what I observe next weekend!

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