Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yesterday (30) & Today (31)

Today made  The 31st day at DePuy Spring Creek with the Winter Pass. My target it to hit more than 50 days by April 14th. I'm sure I will make it!!
Well, actually that's all I want to say and get done with the post but I feel obligated to report and talk about fishing, I guess.........
Yesterday and today turned out to be simply nice winter days. Sunny sky and no winds!! There were several anglers for the weekend. I haven' seen this many anglers since early November.
Fishing result first, super slow......... Yesterday, I caught only one Whitefish. Today, I hooked but lost two nice rainbows and rest were........

Furthermore, midge hatch didn't occur...............weird. I saw only a few rise-rings each day. What happened to midges? And where are all the fish gone? I first became competitive to fix the days and catch some big ones. But, wait, I'm here for "learning & observation".
First, I can't explain that why midge are hatching Yellowstone River below but not at the creek. I don't know. We have to ask water scientists, entomologist, and then bugs themselves.
As for trout, they are there for sure. I stopped fishing and observed what trout were doing. Most of trout were sitting on the bottom and hiding in the aquatic weed. Or trying to dig in, as weedbeds are so low now. Skinny water and bright weather didn't help either. They seem totally dormant or resting. They would bite if scud or midge larva would pass right in front of their mouths but wouldn't chase. That was why take was weak and I lost several trout.
As for spawning rainbows, most likely what I have been catching would be those following browns in the fall and staying in the creek. Run is not strong yet, maybe a few at a time, as I spotted (and caught) a few at most likely spots.
Then probably the biggest observation I made during two days is actually a human observation: People keep moving around the creek when fishing are slow!!, including myself!! This is typical at DePuy as it's 3-mile long. In my vicinity, I didn't see anyone catching fish, including myself. I saw a couple of cars I recognize that tells me they are with Winter Pass like myself and different cars meant they were visiting by the day. Probably all of them were nymphing to take a chance for huge spawners and didn't pay any attention to midge hatches & rising trout.
I felt relieved, not competitive any more, when I observed all. I was not beaten by trout or by the creek. I guess it was how Mother-Nature goes. I could still try to catch trout under the condition but also I could wait and let them rest.

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