Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand 50!!

Well, I finally made it. Today marks the 50th day to visit DePuy Spring Creek with winter pass. Tomorrow is the last day so I would write some emotional lines tomorrow night, maybe. (Pass lasts till 14th Saturday but I have another important plan.)

It turned out to be my favorite weather pattern but fishing wasn't dramatic. It was calm, cloudy with occasional showers and breezes. Not to mention, I had a huge expectation for baetis and midge hatches. However, this weather is also suitable for meat department = streamers!! Maybe the 10th cast in the morning, I felt an attack!! Nice brown. This tactics would have worked all day if I had wanted.

In the late morning, I experienced another "techy" midge hatches and rising trout!! I thought I fooled three but nothing on the line!?

Afternoon turned out to be rather patient time. I moved around and observed if there would be hatches and rises. At a certain spot, I got this little 'bow and thought it would be a good start but that was all on the surface.........I just didn't see enough bugs to cause rising trout.

Goose was nesting. I took this pic quickly when mama was out for hunting.

Tomorrow will really be the very last of my self-training and experiments!! To be continued.

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